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OCT 2016

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October 2016 / Security Dealer & Integrator 21 explains Danny BenSimhon, Siklu's Product and Solutions Marketing Manager. "E-band radios, with their higher capacities and longer range, address the aggregation layer of typical city-wide networks. e results are networks that are not bandwidth-starved and can easily handle hundreds of cameras, including high megapixel panoramic multi-sensor models. is allows devoting needed bandwidth to clusters of cam- eras and supports camera signal aggregation." Because of the narrow beam width and relatively low power, the signal is much less susceptible to com- promise. Ring and mesh topologies provide means of network resilience, and GigE copper and SFP connec- tivity provide a straightforward means of connecting to existing wired or Wi-Fi networks. e company points to a significant installation in Fort Myers, Fla., which connected a number of Axis HD pole-mounted cameras. On each pole, the inte- grator placed an HD PTZ camera and two multi-sen- sor HD cameras, together generating 70Mbps (read more on the installation at www.securityinfowatch. com/12245643). Siklu's 60GHz radios, with 11 non-overlapping channels, enabled the avoidance of a time-consuming, expense-generating frequency sur- vey — leading to an implementation time of two weeks for interconnection of 49 total cameras. While Siklu's solution is currently unique in the security market, I think it is the harbinger of future 5G deployments. Cellular bandwidth and services will be provisioned in buildings using down-conversion to lower frequencies in the Wi-Fi range for allowing wall penetration, connection to 1 Gig/10 Gig copper/ fiber networks, or via micro 5G infrastructures within buildings or defined outdoor areas. ■ » Ray Coulombe is Founder and Managing Director of and Reach him at or on Twitter, @RayCoulombe. V-band radios use a pair os V-band radios use a pair use a pair of 6-inch square, 3.5- uare, of 6-inch square, 3.5- 3.5- inch deep radios with dios inch deep radios with with integrated antennas. ntennas. integrated antennas. Request information:

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