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AUG 2015

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Page 22 of 67 / Security Dealer & Integrator 23 Investing in Efficiency Clearly, each institution — large or small — aspires to provide the highest level of security services while deploying solutions that are reasonable for the global and local threats facing similar institutions and their particular environment. Te paradigm shif that I am seeing is institutions moving away from simply investing in security technol- ogy, and instead learning how they can more efciently and efectively use the technology they have. How can legacy equipment be integrated to provide cost savings and further force multiplication? How do they use cameras efectively, since they cannot always be moni- tored? How do they maximize the use of Wi-Fi networks? Of course, we still see institu- tions that have yet to make any, or have made minimal investment in security technology — but those instances are dramatically decreasing due to many states either proposing or enacting legislation that requires public institutions to comply with access control and visitor manage- ment standards. It is likely that secu- rity spending in all educational insti- tutions will continue on an upward trajectory in the immediate future. Become a Trusted Advisor Dealers, VARs and integrators should look to provide more than the "nuts and bolts" of security systems to potential clients. In many cases, schools are not only struggling with difcult fnancial decisions, but they also do not have the expertise to thoroughly assess their security needs and/or understand the tech- nologies and opportunities available. Essentially, the idea of relation- ship building must be more than a sales tactic — it should be a sincere and honest practice, as these schools have a reliance on their partners. Value-added engineering and oppor- tunities to create synergies and oper- ational efciencies is critical. For example, I recently worked with a small liberal arts school that has worked with a supplier partner for more than a decade. Unfortu- nately, the supplier had not invested time into building a partnership with the school and understanding its needs as they have grown and changed. Instead, they continued to sell them products and "add devices" — and afer many years, the school has realized its investments have had yielded little ROI. Needless to say, they are shopping for a new partner. Seize opportunities to be creative and propose cost-efective solutions based on ROI to your potential cli- ents — because at the end of the day, many educational institutions don't know what they don't know! I have been fortunate to work with a number of institutions developing standards and RFPs in my posi- tion, but over the past year, I have been working with one to select a new partner for a large system purchase and installation that uses many new technologies. Each of the RFP respondents dug deep to not only meet the RFP requirements, but to develop unique value-added solutions for the institution. Tis was a highly infuential factor in the school's decision-making process, and it is fast becoming the expecta- tion in the industry. Centralization As the "boots on the ground" work- ing with these institutions, we are seeing a signifcant desire to move to a centralized model of security technology. Tis is not necessarily new, but it is much more in demand than in the past. Many colleges and universities, for example, have disparate systems deployed throughout campus and are not centrally controlled or man- aged. Tis is obviously a problem Accidental Activation, Damage or Vandalism? PROBLEM Tough Protective STI Covers Single-gang hinged covers protect switches, push buttons, etc. Constructed of tough polycarbonate (same material as football helmets). Quick and easy to install. Mounting plate molded into frame (STI-6519 only). SOLUTION STI-6518 STI-6519 2015 STI 800-888-4784

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