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OCT 2014

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two-thirds (62 percent) ranked security and home monitoring as the most ben- efcial reason to own a smart home. Cutting energy costs ranked second on the list (40 percent), followed by overall convenience comes (35 percent) and protection from foods, fre and other disasters (29 percent). Overall cost was cited by respondents as the most important factor in the purchasing decision of smart home products. "Te connected home and the connected ofce are going to drive a lot of value going forward," says Luis Orbegoso, president of ADT Small Business. "From a consumer stand- point, in the home, it will drive better security as well as more convenience and automation with the ability to operate diferent things seamlessly through a central operating system." The Big Boys Take Notice In 2014, Google and Apple both became players in the smart home space. Google acquired Nest Labs in January and DropCam in July. Apple announced a smart home-related app that enables users to control connect- ed devices in their home using their iPhone or iPad. Companies with mega-sized national advertising budgets are further helping to push the smart home to the front of your customers' minds. You have undoubtedly seen television com- mercials touting AT&T's Digital Life ofering — where from miles away, the homeowner turns of faucets, lights, appliances and other devices that his inconsiderate son lef switched on. While it may seem like a threat, this type of broad-based advertising should be a beneft to any company providing these types of services. "Homeowners are captivated by fashy home automation technology," Maniscalco says. "Dealers can lever- age the interest in home automation to increase security sales by emphasizing how important security, life safety and property protection are as a foundation upon which to add smart home tech- nology. Afer all, a connected home can quickly lose its luster if the premises aren't adequately protected. Listen- ing to customer needs and suggesting technology that fulflls multiple roles by combining home automation and security technology will drive sales and increase revenue for dealers." Other large manufacturing com- panies are jumping into the space as well. Forget about smart switches and dimmers — Philips has unveiled smart lightbulbs that come com- plete with an app to control their bright- ness from your smart device. Te list goes on — in fact, a recent Gartner study reports that an average family home in a mature economy may have more than 500 smart devices by 2020. Get Smart It is easy to see the writing on the wall: Te smart home will eventually be the driver of all things residential — espe- cially security. For those security service providers who are strictly commercial- ly-focused, building automation tech- nologies — which have been around for years as well — may experience an uptick as business owners are migrating to similar technologies at home. Still, for today's security dealers and integrators already ensconced in the res- idential market, it is imperative to strike while security remains the driving force behind these technological enhance- ments. "Whatever the future of the connected home looks like, one thing will remain constant — no matter how fashy it looks, it won't mean anything if the homeowner lacks one big element: peace of mind," Maniscalco says. "Peo- ple want to feel protected, and they want their belongings protected. Security and life safety will continue to play big roles in the connected home, regardless of what it looks like in the future." ■ Source: Lowe's 2014 Smart Home Survey Source: Lowe's 2014 Smart Home Survey / Security Dealer & Integrator / 21

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