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JUL 2018

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July 2018 / Security Dealer & Integrator 19 e reduction in switch locations also brings a reduction in the sup- porting physical, electrical, power and security infrastructure. at translates to fewer equipment rooms and closets, UPS units, door controls, racks, patch panels, etc. Further valuable space may be allo- cated for other purposes. Phybridge points to an installation at Kansai International Airport in Japan, where FLEX switches were used to connect and power more than 250 Xovis per- son tracking sensors, reducing the number of IDF closets by 90 percent. Having this flexibility may lead to changes in another aspect of network topology. While the arguments about converged networks may be beginning to fade, configuring physical security networks with these switches provides a way of provisioning security and other IoT devices on their own infra- structure, including power monitoring and appropriate backup power. A lim- ited number (perhaps as few as one) of connections would tie the security network to an enterprise network, pro- viding an expedient means of separat- ing the two if needed. e advantages discussed here are not unique to security but apply also to any Operational Technology (OT) net- work where distances vary greatly and PoE requirements are common. OT is defined by Wikipedia as "the hardware and soware dedicated to detecting or causing changes in physical processes through direct monitoring and/or con- trol of physical devices." It is differenti- ated from IT by its purpose and ten- dency to have unique requirements. A word of caution with any PoE switch – be sure to understand the probable power consumption of your loads relative to the total power capa- bility of the PoE Switch. Just because an 8-port switch can provide 30W PoE+ power from each port, that switch might not necessar- ily be rated for 240W (required if each port was used to the max). Also, be mindful of the standby power requirements. If switches are provisioned by IT, they may not fully understand the time requirements for security devices to function in the absence of primary power. ■ » Ray Coulombe is Founder and Managing Director of SecuritySpecifiers and the CONSULT Technical Security Symposium. Contact him at ray@, through LinkedIn at raycoulombe or follow him on Twitter, @RayCoulombe. When Compliance Matters P U R P O S E - B U I LT, P E R F O R M A N C E D R I V E N Free storage an d ban d wid th calculation s. +1-847-205-1922 AFFORDABLE HIGH DENSITY STORAGE Security companies are well positioned to take advantage of the grower market. Cannabis dispensaries and cultivation facilities aren't calling for a surveillance system, but rather a solution that will maintain industry compliance, and can grow as they grow. We bu ild solutions that meet regulations to comply with: video retention, video quality, and law enforcement access. Request information:

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