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JUL 2018

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32 Security Dealer & Integrator / July 2018 Access Control The Impact on Security Dealers and Integrators Remote access solutions provide dealers and integrators with the ability to provide faster response times to service customer needs by enabling remote diagnostics and troubleshooting. is also means that dealers and integrators do not always have to dis- patch a technician to assess a situation, only to find out that the issue they have been called out for may have been as minimal as a person trying to gain access with a disabled or broken badge. In addition, these remote access solutions give end-user custom- ers a greater ability to perform day-to-day tasks remotely. Mobile devices and tablets serve as functional devices that enable customers to remain connected and active even when on the move. But as the security landscape con- tinues to change and remote access becomes built into nearly all security systems, how do dealers and integra- tors ensure that customers can under- stand and realize its full benefits? To do this, dealers and integrators must ensure that their sales and ser- vice staffs are fully trained on all of the operations and benefits that remote access enables. Everyone from sales- people to technicians should be able to effectively communicate the value these solutions can add to a security system by explaining each of the bene- fits the technology affords security per- sonnel in their day-to-day roles. In addition to the immediate ben- efits, such as enabling remote work and monitoring, and the ability to use more IoT connected devices, custom- ers can expect to see significant labor and cost savings as a result of enabling remote access. Opportunities Ahead How are building security manage- ment systems likely to develop? On top of the current benefits afforded by IoT-enabled smart building solutions, the technology is likely to continue to develop as mobile technologies become more applicable to the teams of today and tomorrow. Within the smart building manage- ment space, this is likely to include: • Quick and easy communication for all staff through connectivity with email and SMS platforms; • Connected devices aggregat- ing remote data to deliver richer data insights throughout the organization; • More integrated systems, giving teams an increasingly unified view of security system performance; and • More secure networks thanks to new cybersecurity policies, infrastruc- ture and training. Additionally, dealers and integrators can expect the functionality of these systems to continue to evolve. For example, while some vendors provide simple functions such as the ability to update badges or look at events, others are providing the ability to run detailed reports, reset controllers and even run full system operations. Dealers and integrators are going to expect that developers improve system functionality, that installers become more tech savvy as the technology continues to develop, and that all vendors understand the need for and importance of encryption, as well as local customization. In addition, dealers and integrators will need to ensure that they remain up to date on the latest industry offer- ings as more capabilities continue to be added to building security systems. IT staff with customer organizations will be looking for more information and clarification around implementing these systems, and as they continue to familiarize themselves with the new capabili- ties of these tools, they will be reaching out to dealers and integrators to understand capabili- ties such as encryption and security protocols. It is therefore imper- ative that dealers and integrators are equipped to answer these que- ries from IT staff when necessary. With the use of mobile technology continuously on the rise, vendors must be cognizant of the growing need for their cloud solutions to include com- ponents that enable easy, quick and efficient access to cloud databases, security systems such as video mon- itoring and more from the palm of a security professional's hand. ey will then need to ensure that sales staff understands how to commu- nicate these benefits clearly. By understanding and recogniz- ing that these systems are becoming necessary in the security space, secu- rity integrators will want to position themselves so they are capitalizing on this trend as the buildings industry increasingly turns to IoT and cloud solutions for its security needs. ■ » Steven Turney is Security Program Manager for Schneider Electric. Request more information about the company by visiting Remote access solutions provide dealers and integrators with the ability to provide faster response times to service customer needs by enabling remote diagnostics and troubleshooting.

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