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JUL 2018

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36 Security Dealer & Integrator / July 2018 "ese are things that we would normally find in a high- value environment," Gordon says. "We see it in retail distri- bution and places where you have systems that are tied in with RFID so the organization has real-time awareness of what is happening within the facility – where a product is, where people are and that sort of thing." Gordon, who formerly served as director of client solu- tions for Cannatech Builders – a specialist in the planning, design and build of technical grow facilities – says that he and his business partner held off on making a full plunge into the cannabis market until last year, when California legalized recreational marijuana and started to form a more robust regulatory framework for specific security standards. "At that point, I felt the industry was going to need pro- fessional organizations focused on the supply chain aspects of this new industry, which is a lot of what our background and experience have been in," Gordon says. While there is certainly a lot of opportunity in the space, Todd Kleperis, CEO of Palm Springs, Calif.-based Hardcar Security, which provides both armored car and systems integration services to the cannabis industry, warns that working in the market is not a walk in the park and that companies are not going to get rich quick. "People think that this is easy, that they are going to get in, make a lot of money and they are going to do it fast," Kleperis says. "I've been in this business for almost two years and have not drawn a salary. I've got every investment and everything I have in my life into this thing. It is incredibly challenging to raise money. No one wants to give you cash to grow your business. It is probably the hard- est thing I have ever done in my life, and I lived in China for 15 years." Ethical Concerns Given that marijuana remains a Schedule I controlled sub- stance under federal law, and that many people are still morally opposed to its use, there are certain ethical con- cerns that integrators who want to tap into the opportuni- ties presented by this market must take into consideration. For Gordon, having grown up in an era of D.A.R.E. and the old "just say no to drugs" slogan, it was a certainly a big factor for him starting out; however, aer doing some research about the medicinal uses of the drug and how the government's position on it has evolved through the years, he says he saw that there was certainly value to it on the medical side. "I felt like there was enough evidence to say that maybe this isn't what we all thought it was for as long as we have," Gordon says. Having worked for a Department of Defense contractor prior to Hardcar, Kleperis says he was never an advocate Cover Story According to Growers Network, the largest marijuana grow facilities in the U.S. can be found in Florida, Illinois, New York, Arizona, Nevada, California, Colorado and New Mexico. Photo: Chad Gordon

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