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JUL 2018

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62 Security Dealer & Integrator / July 2018 ical area, so projects can be easily duplicated without a total redesign or re-engineering. Other advantages of pre-fabricated panels include: • Precision factory prewiring elimi- nates field wiring guesswork so integra- tors and end-users can establish equip- ment installation standards for uniform operation, maintenance and servicing of the physical security system. • Direct drop shipments can bring prewired panels to the job site at the time of installation, saving integrators and end-users the time and expense of ordering, expediting and coordinating the necessary components inherent with field-wired installations. • Spare parts procurement and management is easier in a standard- ized installation. Logistics become less complex, with only one part number to buy instead of individual components. • Standardized documentation of installation and wiring may be created for all systems – providing efficiency in service and maintenance, as well as follow-up work. • Standard troubleshooting tech- niques and processes can be developed across an enterprise, making it simpler for technicians, especially apprentices or newcomers, to keep critical func- tionality in top shape. • Scheduling for jobs becomes less complex, as the time for installation in the field is predictable and repeat- able. Leveraging a Just-in-Time (JIT) inventory strategy enables companies to increase efficiency and decrease waste by receiving goods only as they are needed in the production process, thereby reducing inventory costs. • Streamlined rack-configurations of pre-fabricated enclosures meet the latest needs of data centers and small footprint IT closets. ey provide both operating power and a mechanical housing for access control components. In one of the latest developments, enclosures have moved to the network – gathering intelligence, history and health on all connected systems across the protected premises. Pre-fabricated enclosures are ready to handle IP con- nections for continuous power mon- itoring, where a quick look at system health is possible at a moment's notice and trouble conditions come via real- time notifications. Managed Power Services e possibilities to perform man- aged power services can encompass a number of physical elements: the main power supply; power system outputs; supervised inputs; and standby batter- ies. Managed monitoring can include: event reports; AC loss notification; ser- vice due reminders; overcurrent alert; and low-battery warning. Remote servicing capabilities of power solutions can include: out- put supervision; battery load testing; remote power cycling; and system health logs/trouble alerts. With power monitoring also comes the opportunity to create real-time action alerts and reports, including email, XML, web-browser notification or SNMP. For example, a short circuit or integrated lock that is running hot and could present a fire hazard will instantaneously generate an email alert or SNMP trap (notification) to the integration company or end-user of a potential problem. With proactive power management systems and predictive analytics data from networked components, an end- user can be informed of impending lock failure or battery fatigue, offer- ing the ability to replace components in a timely manner. With continuous power system monitoring comes the opportunity for creating specific action alerts and reports for comprehensive system maintenance and management. e enhanced monitoring prop- osition of managed power sends immediate notification of current or impending problems. Once notified, the monitored parameters allow basic troubleshooting remotely without sending a technician to the site. Pre-fabricated panels are an avenue to greater profitability for security dealers and integrators. ey foster direct savings in labor, equipment, training and maintenance and service. ey have evolved from a dumb metal box to an intelligent, modular solution that is flexible and delivers detailed data to the end-user customer so they can maximize system uptime. ■ » Michael Bone is Marketing Manager at LifeSafety Power Inc., and has more than 27 years experience in the life safety and power industries. Learn more about the company at With a technician's wages anywhere from $60 to $105 per hour and a $50 average trip fee, it is easy to see how labor costs can quickly skyrocket for a job. Pre-fabricated panels enable fast installations in the field so installers can move onto another project or another job, making a company inherently more efficient and profitable. Power

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