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66 Security Dealer & Integrator / July 2018 Finally, you want your digital market- ing expert to be an expert in your spe- cific industry. Note that even someone who has been working in the security industry (but not in digital marketing) is not necessarily going to know how to build a strong campaign – and they may make mistakes. What you want is the total package: digital marketing, inbound marketing, industry knowledge and social media. Social media is amazing in its unprec- edented ability to connect people with each other and with brands in an imme- diate and direct way. It has greatly con- tributed to breaking the old media and communications model, and creating the potential for a new model that looks completely different. For B-to-B brands, the potential is there to capitalize on these elements, along with the sheer numbers of people now using social media on a daily basis, to generate the kinds of trackable results that have never before been possible for marketing. When it comes to digital marketing, inbound marketing and content market- ing – all of which are interrelated – there is much more that can be said. I do encourage you to find out more about what social media and digital marketing can do for your company. e world of media and marketing is changing, and will continue to change – it is up to you to make sure you do not miss out on the benefits. ■ » Diana Wolff is president of LRG Marketing Communications ( Email her at LinkedIn feeds and clicking through to your competitors' websites. In order to reach your prospects and customers with your informa- tion, there is no longer a guaranteed way to go to them. Instead, you have to turn your brand into a magnet with great content that will get them to come to you. For that, you need a lot more than social media posts. You need to know your audience – who they are, what they are struggling with, what their business challenges are. You need to have specific objectives for each campaign and each pro- gram you are going to run. You need to have a marketing and a business strategy to reach those objectives and achieve measurable results. You need to have KPIs that align to those objectives. And you need to have a tactical, integrated program mapped out that makes all of this happen. 4 Brands sometimes slip up on social media If the person who is doing the post- ing for your brand does not have skill and expertise in social media, they may make tactical errors. For example, they might use the wrong hashtag, post from the wrong account, misuse a management util- ity like Hootsuite, schedule incor- rectly, accidently retweet or share something irrelevant. For this reason, it is not a good idea to hand social media responsi- bilities off to an intern. While social media was initially the province of younger people, that does not mean you can bring in a high school or college student with no knowledge of your company, your industry or how digital marketing campaigns work and let them loose with your social media accounts. is brings me to my final point... Your Business While social media was initially the province of younger people, that does not mean you can bring in a student with no knowledge of your company, your industry or how digital marketing campaigns work and let them loose with your social media accounts. 5 There are experts out there and you need to find one ere is a new world of profession- als out there who have true expertise in planning and executing successful digital marketing programs for B-to-B companies. If you are going to dive into the new world of social media, you need to find one of them. Here's where you really need to be careful. A lot of people are advertising themselves as "social media expert" (or guru, jedi, ninja, master or samurai – hey, don't blame me, I don't make this stuff up). You will want to check their credentials very carefully. Ask them for concrete examples of integrated pro- grams they have run, along with met- rics for the kinds of quantifiable results they have achieved. If their resume says vaguely that they were "handling social media for a store," they are probably not the person you want to hire. It takes time to build knowledge and experience – especially in the digital realm, where technologies and algo- rithms change on a near-daily basis. A true expert professional digital mar- keter will continually stay up to date with new platforms, strategies, rules and trends in order to keep your con- tent appearing when, where and how it should. Social media may look simple, but in fact it is quite complex – more so when using it strategically as a vital element in an effective fully integrated digital marketing program.

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