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AUG 2018

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36 Security Dealer & Integrator / August 2018 At ISC West earlier this year, I led a discussion with a panel of leading security service providers to discuss these dynamics in the residential video market. e panel included Steve Butkovich of CPI Security, Robert McDonald of Vintage Secu- rity and Steven White of Vector Security. Each shared their exec- utive-level view from the service provider perspective. Each panelist has experienced a significant increase in residential video installations – pointing to a variety of growth drivers, including: • New form factors, such as video doorbells; • Improved user interfaces and experiences; • Deeper integration with security and automation solutions; and • Diminishing consumer concerns about having cameras in the home. Over the course of an hour, I asked the panelists to share their expertise regarding best practices for marketing, installing and supporting video services, as well as their perspectives on the emergence and impact of DIY cameras, and their predictions for the next wave of video innovation. e panelists were unanimously upbeat about the continuing oppor- tunity in the residential video mar- ket and agreed that service providers have key advantages and opportu- nities to stay ahead in this dynamic area. Here are the key insights and takeaways that the integrators offered at the session: 1 Bundle video into integrated solutions for long-term growth. e panelists all said they bundle video cameras and service plans as part of an integrated smart home security solution. Particularly at the beginning of the sales cycle, this approach differentiates their offerings from video-only services. Beyond the initial sale, this inte- grated approach turns video into long-term business growth – the customer has a more engaging, val- ued service, and the service provider generates higher RMR accounts with lower attrition. Our panelists noted that, increas- ingly, customers use video as an every- day lifestyle service as well as a security enhancement. Improved image qual- ity, better mobile user interfaces and more intelligent features are making video a valued everyday experience for customers. ey can check in on pets, watch their kids arrive home safely and see what is happening at home anytime. Like the technology itself, how- ever, these everyday video use cases are new, and many customers will not have considered them. e panelists have embraced a new model for selling the expanded value of today's video solutions. ey recommend training sales teams to better uncover custom- ers' needs by asking the right questions and following up with the most rele- vant and compelling use cases. 2 Sell the benefits and capabilities of integrated video. How are service providers successfully marketing and selling their video services in an increasingly noisy market? e panel agreed that a key to suc- cess is to sell video within the context of a highly integrated offering. is gives the customer a single mobile app and intelligent features that are enabled through integration with the security system and other devices and sensors in the home. Instead of overwhelming the cus- tomer with irrelevant, motion-trig- gered video alerts, integrated solutions already 'know' which events are useful and can discern valuable details (such as who unlocked the door), then filter the customer's video alerts accordingly. As video analytics and artificial intelligence come to define the next generation of smart home capabilities, integrated smart home solutions will further improve the overall customer Residential Security Steve Butkovich, Chief Technology Officer, CPI Security Robert McDonald, General Manager, Vintage Security Steven White, VP Business Development, Vector Security The Panel At ISC West this year, Alarm. com's Brian Lohse hosted a panel of residential security service providers to dis- cuss the evolution of video surveillance technology in the residential market. All of them reported a significant increase in their volume of home video surveillance installations.

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