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AUG 2018

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August 2018 / Security Dealer & Integrator 45 explained at a recent ESX session. "It isn't just 'do I go to $10 monitoring' – it is about what I can offer for $25 or $30. We've had $15 to $25 moni- toring out there for 30 years... do they offer (customers) more? (Dealers) have to give customers a reason to pay that much money or they will have to come down. In the residen- tial business, in my opinion, the cost of monitoring to the end-user probably is going to come down a bit, while it likely will not on the commercial side. "I don't see Nest or Simplisafe or Amazon going into a home yet that has 45 zones," Kessler continues. "I think there is going to be somewhat of a bifurcation as to who buys what type of system. at's what you will be seeing on the residential side of these businesses – much more targeted mar- keting to those people who will more likely buy their system. e value proposition (is) worth a lot more when ADT (for example) gives you ADT Go and you entrust your whole family to it…isn't that worth more than $15 a month? Or, we can monitor 60-70 zones and (Amazon) can only go up to 7-8 (zones) – isn't that worth more in terms of monitoring?" Changing the Market Dynamics e marketing push that comes with the Amazon Effect should have a pro- found impact on the dynamics of the residential security space itself. More marketing leads to more awareness, and more awareness leads to more customers. It is not hard to see how the Amazon Effect could push the long-standing residential security pen- etration rate out of the 20-25 percent range and into the stratosphere. "We have fought over that same 20-25 percent because the hardest part about selling an alarm system is con- vincing the customer that they need security," Bryan Melancon, Southeast Region Home Security Operations There are a few new entrants into the market focused on giving security dealers a new way to aug- ment their offerings with an additional layer of cus- tomer service and support that doesn't marginalize their time or resources. Axius, a new smart home customer support plat- form, acts as a "technology concierge" – becom- ing an extension of the dealer's support team and enabling them to free up time to grow their business. Combining hardware that connects to the home- owner's router, software to automate maintenance and alerts, and a team of experts who are available 24/7, Axius offers dedicated support via integrators and dealers. The platform enables remote updates of new security features, provides monitoring and management of all devices as well as proactive trou- bleshooting, branded customer engagement and a mechanism for dealers to generate additional RMR. Axius is also creating a network of dealers and integrators to share job requests from their directory and marketplace platform – matching them with new projects in their area. Also acknowledging the complex customer support needs of the smart home market, the Z-Wave Alliance recently introduced a tech support program for connected devices called the "ConnectedHome Expert" program, which is designed to help manufacturers assist their customers with troubleshooting and general product setup, resulting in an improved overall customer experience, reduced risk for customer attrition and increased brand loyalty. These smart home device manufacturers are connecting consumers to security dealers and installers who understand the nuances of integration, installation and support of smart home products. As customers become more reliant on the technology in their home, they will also likely become more dependent on their security dealer to protect, monitor and troubleshoot these devices. It can all be overwhelming, but new monitoring tools and platforms like the ones mentioned will help to scale up proactive support and monitoring of devices by "traditional" residential security dealers and integrators. Brinks Home Security's Chris Johnson (left) joined Philip Pearson of Smart Home Consulting Group and Bryan Melancon of Cox Communications on a recent ESX panel. Photo: Paul Rothman

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