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August 2018 / Security Dealer & Integrator 61 vices in which you to register a trade- mark. It is worth pointing out, how- ever, that the government keeps the filing fee even if it denies your appli- cation, so it is important to submit a solid application the first time – or the filing fees will really add up. Work with an attorney to get all of your trademark ducks in a row rather than trying to travel this road on your own – you will end up saving time, money and lots of headaches. Make social media registration a prior- ity, even if you aren't going to use it: Once you have properly searched and registered your trademarks, you should always remember to proactively register your trademarked name on top social media channels – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest – regardless of whether you plan to be active in those channels. By "reserving" your name, your business will have it available should you decide to market or con- nect with customers via that particular social media channel. It will also prevent other businesses (or worse, disgruntled individuals) from talking to customers under your trademarked name. Keep an eye out for infringement and take action when needed: e USPTO puts the onus squarely on the trademark holder to make sure no other businesses infringe on trademark rights, so you must be vigilant in mak- ing sure that no other businesses in the security services industry are using that registered name – or even a name that is confusingly similar. is means, for example, that if your security business owns the fed- eral trademark for "Kentor Security Services" and you see "Kintor Security Services" pop up on Facebook, or even "Kentor Monitoring" – it is your obliga- tion to take action. What action do you take? Do not do anything on your own – get in touch with your attorney, who will give you the proper guidance on what happens next. is is no exaggeration: If you take the wrong step here, you could be opening yourself to legal risks. In many cases, you and your attor- ney will be able to solve the issue by doing something as simple as filling out a form or sending a letter, but in other situations, further action may be necessary. ■ » Josh Gerben is the founder of Gerben Law Firm PLLC (www. A United States-based trademark law firm. Mr. Gerben is a trademark lawyer who has facilitated securing more than 4,000 trademarks for clients since 2008. Together we can Educate Inspire Heal Nourish Children and families in crisis across the USA need our help – and yours. And as a 501(c)(3) organization, Mission 500 now has even greater flexibility to work with local charities to better support existing and new sponsors and volunteers. But even with over 1100 children sponsored and many acts of charity performed to date, there's still a great deal of work to be done. Get involved today! Visit for more information. Supporting Families Across America Request information:

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