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8 Security Dealer & Integrator / August 2018 M y son just reached the tender age where he and his whole cadre of friends have discovered Fortnite. For those of you without kids, Fortnite is a multi-player game where a hundred or so players join a game for a sort of battle royale death match where the last man stand- ing wins (super simple explanation). e game is a phenomenon; in fact, when my son isn't playing it (or a vari- ation of it from a me-too video game maker on his tablet), he is watching people play it on YouTube. is is where the rubber meets the road for a lot of parents. My son is still young enough to potentially be taken advantage of by people he has never met from some far-away place, who he is talking to on a headset – so I cannot necessarily hear his interactions. In addition, games like Fortnite are sim- ply too violent to let younger develop- ing children even play (unfortunately, this is a battle I have surrendered). Why does this matter to our indus- try? ink about it: When you sell the head of a household on the benefits of a security system, you play up the fact that he or she is making an investment in family protection. Salespeople tout the ability to use video surveillance cameras and smart locks give parents the power to make sure their children arrive home safely from school and that they are doing their homework (and not playing Fortnite when you aren't looking directly over their shoulder). But making sure Junior gets home safely is – forgive the pun – child's play compared to ensuring their safety as they navigate the Internet. e safety and security of children from online threats is a major parental concern around the world – whether that means making sure they aren't play- ing shooting games, or ensuring they aren't having inappropriate conversa- tions and interactions. Achieving that isn't always easy, but thankfully, as with most things, technology is coming to the rescue – this time in the form of parental control soware. According to research firm Future Market Insights, the parental control soware market is expected to increase from nearly $91 million in 2018 to $223 million by 2028. "Adoption of Internet-enabled smartphones, tablets and TVs has increased among children for purposes such as online gaming, live streaming, communicating with friends, audio, video and also surfing explicit websites," the firm reports. By installing parental control so- ware in these devices, parents can monitor their children's activities. To protect against online predators and sites restricted by the parents, the so- ware can selectively restrict and block harmful content. McAfee, for example, recently announced its parental con- trol soware will now be pre-installed with all LG phones. I realize that security providers in the residential space are just now expanding into the concept of IoT device protection and cybersecurity; however, the concept of protecting children is as old as the alarms systems you sell and install every day. Wouldn't this just be a logical extension of fam- ily protection? As a security dealer, ideally, your role should be perceived as a trusted partner. In this age where children are spending more time in front of screens than ever before, parents are looking for solutions…why not offer them one with their security package? While this technology is not in the traditional wheelhouse of the security dealer, it simply makes sense to look into finding a soware or other vendor partner to further solidify your role in protecting families. ■ A New Tool for Your Arsenal? Specialized software to enable parents to monitor and protect their kids online is quickly growing in popularity Editor's Note BY PAUL ROTHMAN Paul Rothman — Editor-in-Chief The concept of protecting children is as old as the alarms systems you sell and install every day...wouldn't this just be a logical extension of family protection?" @SecurityDealer company/16179507

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