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September 2018 / Security Dealer & Integrator 21 "microsegmentation," NSX enables fine-grained network controls for unit-level trust and flexible security policies that can be applied to network interfaces for individual workloads. In effect, it ties security policies directly to a particular application. Most IT departments rely on VLANs and subnets to partition their applications; however, they are oen overly complex and easy to miscon- figure. Access control to the subnet- work may be inadequate and network changes can be challenging – leading to inadequate security and application provisioning delays. is is all part of the larger picture of virtualization. VMware terms this as a Soware- defined Data Center (SDDC), recog- nizing the co-habitation of multiple applications along with the required network infrastructure in virtual environments. It uses the principle of VXLAN (Virtual Extensible LAN) protocol to provision a virtual overlay network – built on top of existing net- work Layer 2 and Layer 3 technologies (i.e. existing switches and routers), to support flexible and scalable network architectures. Network virtualiza- tion technology is hardware agnostic and decouples network services from underlying hardware. ink of this as a soware-defined "super network" sitting above various existing networks with the ability to tie pieces of these together, without a limitation of physical location (think enterprise networks). Enhanced switching, routing, fire- walling and load balancing is provi- sioned in soware. Network and secu- rity services in soware are distributed to hypervisors virtual machine (VM) managers, such as VMware, and "attached" to individual VMs in accor- dance with networking and security policies defined for each application. When a VM is moved to another physical host, its networking and secu- rity services move with it, and secu- rity policies can be extended to new VMs provisioned for new applications. Network virtualization creates, provi- sions, and manages virtual networks, utilizing the underlying physical net- work as a simple packet forwarding backplane. Communication within a vir- tual network never leaves the vir- tual environment. Further, network configurations can be replicated across multiple clouds for resiliency. ■ » Ray Coulombe is Founder and Managing Director of SecuritySpecifiers and the CONSULT Technical Security Symposium. Contact him at ray@; at www. or follow him on Twitter: @RayCoulombe. ComNet is Your Solution for Fiber Optic, Copper and Wireless Transmission The transmission products you choose today will affect how well your network performs tomorrow. ComNet offers the most comprehensive line of products designed to solve every transmission challenge. Your Transmission Challenge has always been Getting Your Audio, Video, Data and Ethernet Signals from Here to There. The Shortest Distance Between Two Points View the Full Product Line at and Identify the Fiber Optic, Copper or Wireless Connectivity Solution for your Application Contact the ComNet Design Center Now for Free Design Assistance. Call 1-888-678-9427 or 1-203-796-5300 or email Visit Email Phone 1-203-796-5300 Toll Free 1-888-678-9427 Visit us at GSX 2018 | Las Vegas, NV | Booth 2859 | 25-27 September Request information:

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