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32 Security Dealer & Integrator / September 2018 What are the trends to watch in the security industry today? Many of them are megatrends from other industries, such as the cloud, big data and artifi- cial intelligence (AI). e latter of these is tremendously interesting to study more in depth, as it has had its hype cycles several times and is going through another one as we speak. Has the time come for AI in security, and, what is the best way to play into this hype? In Depth: The AI Hype Cycle Let's get something out of the way: AI is not a new trend, and it is certainly not specific to the security industry. All companies are pouring money into making better use of ever-increas- ing amounts of data and intelligence Video Surveillance I nnovation is constant, and it drives continuous improve- ments in technology. is is based on a number of factors – primarily the amount of money spent on research and devel- opment, as well as Moore's Law, which states that processors become faster every year. As technologies mature and surpass the capabilities of previ- ous-generations, we see sudden shis from spending on an older technology to spending on the latest technology. A prime example of this phe- nomenon is the shi from analog to IP-based video surveillance – which took many years to develop and mature; however, when the shi finally occurred, it was relatively quick to the extent that few of the incumbent play- ers were able to keep up. With the excitement and marketing around AI prevalent on the GSX show floor, how do you navigate the peaks and valleys of technology hype cycles? By Fredrik Nilsson When it comes to innovation, the biggest challenge is not being able to recognize that a change is coming – with just a little knowledge, practi- cally anyone can speculate and make a prediction about future trends with relative accuracy. e biggest challenge with forecasting is actually to get the timing correct. Is a certain technology going to change the market this year? Next year? In 10 or 20 years? If a company invests and positions itself correctly – and correctly predicts the timing – the benefits are vast. If it is too soon, the company will burn through all its funds before sales takes off, and the initiative (if not the com- pany) may be shut down. If the com- pany is too late, it may become stuck in a commodity race where margins are razor-thin at best. When to Believe the

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