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September 2018 / Security Dealer & Integrator 35 ity sets in for the security and other industries. But rest assured, there will be some other cool new hype (or hypes) to take its place as excitement continues to build for security's future. Of course, we would all love for these hypes to arrive and mature faster than reality would have it; therefore, it is essential to continue to evaluate each hype cycle and the opportunities it presents in an effort to seize on the "next big thing" for improving security before it can pass you by. ■ » Fredrik Nilsson is VP, Americas, for Axis Communications and is the author of "Intelligent Network Video: Understanding Modern Video Surveillance Systems" published by CRC Press and now available in its second edition. Request more info about Axis at intelligence hype about 10 years ago, this time, there has not been a slew of start-ups undertaking the AI applica- tions – rather, it is the big vendors who are investing money or have bought up one of the small start-ups. One positive difference from the previous hype cycle is that these large vendors who are getting into the AI game will most likely still be around in five or 10 years; however, the downside is that it is more difficult to accurately track how the AI market is really performing. If you were to ask a vendor how many installations involve deep learning, the answer might be "most installations" – even though in reality, there are very few cameras in each installation that are using intelligence. is only serves to further muddy the waters and make it more difficult to Request information: gauge the potential opportunity that exists with AI. All this aside, AI is definitely improving and can be incredibly useful in some applications – depending on requirements and expectations. For example, license plate recognition has proven valuable in several situations such as parking garages and ports where the technology can be used to provide entry and exit from particular areas while maintaining a log of arriv- als and departures. Similarly, retail analytics deliver high value by providing insight into basic trends by counting people and heat-mapping. Facial recognition in controlled environments, such as pass- port control, also works fairly well. As technologies continue to improve, it is likely that this big AI hype will again slowly fade as real-

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