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CEIDF employees can now use their smartphones for building access, thanks to STid Mobile ID®. 36 Security Dealer & Integrator / September 2018 ADVERTISEMENT Fast-Track Security Management at your Vehicle Access Gates For more information, visit Queues, congestion and miscommunication can have a negative impact on a business STid – a trailblazer and market leader in the design of secure and instinctive solutions – introduces SPECTRE, the first of a new gener- ation of long-range ultra-high-frequency (UHF) readers enabling fast vehicle identification at the gate with the highest security levels. The most important reasons to embrace Automatic Vehicle Iden- tification (AVI) solutions are the convenience, traffic fluidity and the security they bring. Vehicle access control based on traditional proximity, remote control or barcode often results in people leaning uncomfortably out of their windows towards the reader to show their access credentials. Combining high security levels based on the latest industry stan- dards and modularity making it adaptable to any field scenario and uncommon design, SPECTRE is the solution for all AVI applications. "This secure and smart solution has been designed in collaboration with our customers to ensure SPECTRE meets the myriad of security requirements of a fast, automatic vehicle identification," commented Vincent Dupart, STid CEO. "We are committed to make cutting-edge security solutions much easier for corporations and their employees, so instinctive and convenient that user adoption is guaranteed." Instinctive Vehicle Identification Based on EPC1 Gen 2 standard and UHF passive technologies, SPECTRE rewrites traditional security rules, making them more instinctive. The long-range reader offers reading distances up to 43ft / 13m with reliability for smooth vehicle access. Its outstanding performance makes SPECTRE the fastest reader on the AVI market. Smart and Upgradable Fully scalable and modular, SPECTRE enables users to cover security issues and configurations, even in highly challenging environments. The reader is built to manage up to four driveways handling access of a mixed fleet of vehicles (light, heavy and motorcycles), identifi- cation on wide lanes, or even distinct access control for four vehicle lanes. The solution can be tailored to your customer's needs, ensur- ing that all features and security levels can be upgraded at any time. Support for a wide variety of standard communication interfaces (Wiegand, Clock & Data, RS232 and RS485) enables seamless inte- gration into existing or new access control systems. The Highest Levels of Security The reader provides proven and unprecedented security, allowing users to sign UHF credentials using encryption methods recognized by independent certification bodies in information security. Its FastID™ function enables faster authentication and prevents UHF credential cloning without compromising performance. Standing the Test of Time SPECTRE's enhanced vandal-proof structure withstands knocks and malicious acts. The weather-resistant reader is IP66-rated and designed for outdoor use in harsh environments, including vibration, dust, heavy rain and sea air. "It is the most robust reader on the mar- ket, yet easy to use and set up. We have developed user-friendly and free tools to configure the readers in few seconds via USB/micro, USB cable or UHF card," says Maé Tholoniat, Security Product Manager. SPECTRE's stealth design with strong lines ensures it integrates easily into corporate environments for swift adoption. Customi z a- tion options enable clients to truly get the most out of this powerful communication tool. SPECTRE offers many smart features which make it the perfect solution for gates that require a combination of high security and convenience. "SPECTRE is the perfect blend of security, performance, reliability, flexibility and a unique design all in a simple solution. Reaching excellence to deliver best-in-class products is always a goal for STid. The continuous improvement and innovation are strong and shared values in our company. We have pushed our 22-years of know- how and expertise in SPECTRE," says Vincent Dupart. At GSX Las Vegas (Sept, 26-28), STid will present the new SPECTRE reader at booth #2877.

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