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September 2018 / Security Dealer & Integrator 41 Servers/Storage • Access Control • Networking • Workstations • Services P U R P O S E - B U I LT, P E R F O R M A N C E D R I V E N reduce total cost of ownership Guaranteed performance protects your investment Best camera-to-server ratio in the security industry Top-rated certified VMS performance on Genetec & Milestone Minimized truck rolls to preserve profit Lifetime tech support Five-year on-site, Keep Your Hard Drive warranty Learn more at TCO $ Request information: How do risk assessments fit into the picture? Montalvo: Campus security needs are constantly changing, and security teams need to evolve with the changing times. Regular risk assessments are vital, because what was important five years ago may not be as important today; and things that were never consid- ered five years ago may now be a priority. Oxford: One of the most important parts of the risk assessment is asking the right questions and getting the folks in charge to think about things they might not have thought about before. You have to make sure you are helping the campus covering all facets of security. Is anything being overlooked when it comes to campus security? Montalvo: It is important to approach campus security with a multi-pronged plan. Campuses use technology, traf- fic control and training among other programs to maintain the security and welfare of students, faculty and visitors, but don't forget about CPTED (Crime Prevention rough Environmental Design) to further enhance security. You cannot limit yourself – you need everything a budget per- mits to secure a large college or university campus. ■ » Editor's Note: Security 101 recently opened its 39 th franchise in the United States, in Cleveland, Ohio. Learn more about the company and its franchise locations at "We are seeing a greater need for incident management...the more information campus security officers have, the faster they can react." — Demus Oxford, Security 101 - Richmond, Va.

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