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OCT 2018

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32 Security Dealer & Integrator / www. October 2018 I f 20 years ago you asked a security practitioner or inte- grator about using IP-based networks and megapixel cam- eras, the response was proba- bly a laugh and a shrug of the shoul- ders. Everyone was happy with CCTV systems. Analog was king. Business was good. But as we know – even in an indus- try as conservative as security – the technology beat rolls on. Today, megapixel video is a backbone and has even given way to 4K, a consum- er-based technology. H.264 has paved the way for H.265 and superior band- width management. One-time stal- warts like plain old telephone service (POTS) lines and 2G are simply things of the past. Now, 5G seems like the peak of the mountain. And while 5G is simply a dream for tomorrow in security applica- tions, it is paving the way for inno- vation in hundreds of industries. But before we decide if the security indus- try will join bleed- ing-edge markets like self-driving cars and virtual reality with 5G, there is another sunset on the horizon. CDMA Coming to an End According to Statista, smartphone penetration in the United States is nearly 70 percent, with that num- ber expected to increase to around 73 percent by 2021. A 70-percent smartphone adoption rate represents a 200-percent increase over just the last seven years. "at growth and opportunity has driven the need for phone carriers to increase network speed and capacity – 2G, 3G and so forth, up to LTE today," explains Jorge Hevia, SVP of Sales for Napco Security Technologies. "For the alarm business, that has meant some equipment upgrades, as Telcos sunset- ted older networks. Unlike POTS lines that were seemingly always there for alarm dealers, the security industry now has to keep up with very dynamic, data-hungry cellular technology to keep reporting alarms." Alarm dealers got a first-hand look at the impact of these transitions with the recent 2G sunset. "While we all routinely expect to upgrade our cell- phones, it comes as a surprise when we have to do that with cellular alarm communications too," Hevia says. "It is a necessary part of being in the dig- ital age, but with that cellular evolu- tion, the alarm industry has far greater opportunity to create new RMR, new consumption adoption and new needs- based vitality for our services." While it represents the top of the mountain in communications technology, the industry must deal with another sunset before reaching the summit By Paul Rothman Is the Future Cover Story Verizon describes 5G as "one of the fastest, most robust technologies the world has ever seen." ? 5G Photo: Verizon

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