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November 2018 / Security Dealer & Integrator 41 2018 STATE OF THE SECURITY INDUSTRY REPORT Access the full report online at Sponsored by HID Revenue and Margin Trends Respondents were asked how their 2018 revenues and gross margins are currently trending to their 2017 revenues. Here are their responses. 2018 REVENUE COMPARISONS TO 2017 Slightly up (up less than 10%) 37.1% About even (flat, 1% up or down) 30.0% Significantly up (up more than 10%) 15.2% Slightly down (down less than 10%) 11.4% Significantly down (down more than 10%) 6.1% 2018 GROSS MARGIN COMPARISONS TO 2017 35.2% About even (flat, 1% up or down) 32.9% Slightly up (up less than 5%) 12.9% Slightly down (down less than 5%) 11.9% Significantly up (up more than 5%) 7.1% Significantly down (down more than 5%) Economic Figures Show Modest Gains Integrators refl ect the overall feelings of the general business community that the economy, along with the new tax breaks have been to their benefit. The responses by integrators to the questions related to revenue and margins were almost identical to 2017. The sense of optimism is highlighted by more than 68% reported their revenues so far this year compared to last are up (less than 10% overall) or about even. The gross margin comparisons were in line with 2017 as well, showing about even (flat, 1% up or down) at 35.2% of respondents and slightly up (up less than 5%) at 32.9% of respondents. One integrator said; "In 2018, our biggest challenge will be succession planning and employee acquisition to sustain our year-over-year growth."

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