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NOV 2018

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44 Security Dealer & Integrator / November 2018 Perimeter Security Another option is to engage the video analytics supplier to help. The developers of these analytics can quickly identify problem cameras or difficult scenes and propose alternatives. In most cases, there is no charge for this guidance. Finding RMR A software maintenance business model – where a recurring fee is charged for ongoing support and often access to new features – is integral to many markets and has been part of the security industry for many years; but it is often overlooked by security integrators as a source of recurring income. When it comes to video analytics, software maintenance is often a continuous software upgrade program. These days, video analytics companies are focusing on creating new and better algorithms for detecting and deterring bad guys. In most cases, many of these new features are included as part of a software maintenance program. Getting these new features is typically as easy as updating the system with the latest software. Usually this is done via a remote connection, with no need to even set foot on the property. The most overlooked aspect of software maintenance is that vendors actually encourage their integrators to resell it; thus, you have the right to apply a standard mark up to the service – every year. You should now be asking yourself: What is my role besides discussing the value of the cost to the end-user? Exactly! In most cases, this is just a paper and scheduling transaction. Unfortunately, many integrators forego the reselling of software maintenance, as it veers from their traditional definition of product sales. The Bleeding Edge Search the internet for “artificial intelligence” “deep learning” or “intelligent video” and look at the number of results. These technologies are improving by leaps and bounds, and they are here to stay. Those without this insight may try to ignore video analytics completely, claiming it is too complicated or perhaps not robust enough for many security applications. Video Analytics is an exciting technology that is going to continue to grow, not only in the security market, but in transportation, entertainment, home automation and many others. The key for integrators and dealers is understanding where to gain value, where to plan for costs and to know how selling this capability aligns with long-term goals. If we can trust a computer to control a driverless car, how long until a computer independently monitors and automates your security system? Video analytics are providing the security market with accurate detection, event insight, affordability and response automation, and all indications are that this trend will continue well into the future. Not taking the time to understand how to add these capabilities to your offerings today, will likely result in the need to play catch up. ■ » Eric Olson is VP of Product Management and Marketing at PureTech Systems. Reach him at Request more info about the company at If driverless cars can become a reality through the use of intelligent video and A.I., how long until security systems are completely automated? A software maintenance business model – where a recurring fee is charged for ongoing support and access to new features – has been part of the security industry for years, but is often overlooked by security integrators as a source of recurring income.

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