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32 Security Business / / February 2019 Technology Focus Mobility Creates Engagement How consumerization and mobile apps have solved what was once the missing link for security systems, and how integrators can take advantage By Steve Van Till Let’s face it: Everything is mobile – which makes writing about how mobile applications will revolutionize security feel a bit like talking about how PCs are going to be the next big thing in the year 2000. Been there, done that – except mobile credentials are still a fairly new innovation, not only in physical security, but also in the broader world of mobile payments and identity. Their uses are many, their cost savings proven out to four decimals, and their cybersecurity superiority to the plastic tokens of yore well-heralded. One thing that escapes mention in most of these discussions is that mobile credentials – or, rather, the apps that transport them – offer an opportunity for user engagement that has been sorely missing from most security technology (and, for that matter, most corporate security operations). The fact is, user experience just hasn’t been much of a priority for security manufacturers, systems integrators or CSOs. For most, security is “Job No. 1” – and user experience plays second fiddle. Consumerization of security applications is changing all that – most noticeably in the residential space with the takeover of security by smart home conveniences. The old paradigm of inscrutable wall-mounted control panels has been replaced by much friendlier mobile apps that enable users to control lights, music, temperature, shades – and “oh, yeah” – their security system. It is the first time anyone has been able to arm and disarm their intrusion systems without scaring the pets with a false alarm or risking a call from the central station. This consumerization trend, in the form of mobile credentials, offers commercial security providers the opportunity to bring that same degree of engagement into the office that people currently experience at home. CSOs have long known that an engaged tenant population is a more secure tenant population – the problem has always been how to bring this about. Even the tried-and-true combination of posters and scary memos has its limits. This is where mobile apps come into the picture. People willingly use

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