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MAR 2019

Find news and information for the executive corporate security director, CSO, facility manager and assets protection manager on issues of policy, products, incidents, risk management, threat assessments and preparedness.

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March 2019 / / Security Business 33 » Rob Simopoulos is a Co- Founder of Defendify (www., which provides an all-in-one cybersecurity platform. Over 20-plus years in the security industry, Simopoulos has been an entrepreneur, receiving numerous awards and recognition. Reach him at rsimopoulos@, or call 888-508-9221 x 101. purchasing cybersecurity providers, bringing the mixture of electronic security and cybersecurity together. eese integrators' lineups not only include traditional security solutions, such as cameras and access control, but also a portfolio of managed cyber- security products and services. Cybersecurity is a diverse prac- tice, and it involves much more than just technology implemen- tation. ere is no technology "silver bullet" that can protect against all cybersecurity threats; thus, providing a comprehensive solution is the correct approach. Beyond technology, these all-en- compassing solutions include multiple layers: • Cybersecurity assessments which detail an organization's strengths and weaknesses; • Technical testing, including penetration testing by certified ethical hackers who attack net- works and systems to see if they can exploit a weakness; • Comprehensive employee training to turn all employ- ees into front line defenders in identifying fraud and phishing attacks; and • Cybersecurity policy and plan development to set the guide- lines to employees and contrac- tors and to prepare in case of an incident. Employing a comprehensive, ongoing approach is now critical to keeping organizations safe. As a trusted IT-centric systems inte- grator, you can begin by provid- ing a handful of these layers as you enter the market and develop your cybersecurity offering. Outside of an acquisition, part- nering with a cybersecurity ven- dor as a start can be a great step. ey can provide the solutions you need and assist in training on how to successfully market cyber- security to your customer base. Request information: e opportunity is out there and growing fast – start the conversation now. Tim O'Reilly once said: "What new technology does is create new oppor- tunities to do a job that customers want done." Ask your customers about their cybersecurity needs, and perhaps you can carve a solution to help. ■

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