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MAR 2019

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46 Security Business / / March 2019 With AI and other features creating more data exponentially, surveillance- optimized hard drives may offer a solution By Jessica Burton Optimized Video Storage © Istock Video Surveillance W ith continued advancement in video surveil- lance camera resolution, pow- erful new capabilities and sophisticated soware, video solutions are deliver- ing even greater flexibility and perfor- mance, increasing the already integral role these systems play in protecting people, locations and assets. Another positive for security integra- tors is the fact that video is no longer a security-only proposition. Many indus- tries rely on video, analytics and artifi- cial intelligence (AI) to provide insight that guides business decisions or other- wise streamlines various operations. Retailers, for example, use video sur- veillance to understand their customers' habits and take advantage of that intel- ligence for product placement, market- ing, staffing and other decisions that can improve their bottom line. Cities can use video to monitor and analyze traffic patterns to eliminate bottle- necks and develop more efficient travel corridors to alleviate congestion and decrease commute times. All of these video surveillance trends mean greater ROI and flexibility; how- ever, with that comes a cost – namely the generation of more data, which creates the need for higher-capacity storage. e AI data behind video anal- ysis is also being recorded simultane- ously with video, further compounding this conundrum, as do longer retention periods and increased camera counts. With all this in mind, video storage can no longer be an aerthought – it must be a vital part of the planning, design and deployment of surveillance systems. Obviously, one of the main cri- teria integrators should use for selecting storage solutions is hard drive capacity, but reliability and durability are also important considerations.

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