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MAR 2019

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March 2019 / / Security Business 55 bined with some assurance of cyberse- curity, will make it highly desirable. Impact on TCO By eliminating the need to purchase dedicated servers and soware that require ongoing attention by IT staff- ers, cloud-based access-control solu- tions have a comparably low total cost of ownership (TCO). ey also offer value the integra- tor, through recurring revenue on the subscription fee. In addition, these systems require minimal ongoing sup- port, as soware updates and patches are installed automatically. But TCO should also consider the high value of thwarting cyber-attacks, because when they happen, financial losses are oen more than many busi- nesses can sustain. Verizon reports that 60 percent of breach victims in NEW! STI EnviroArmour ® Enclosures Our new line of waterproof enclosures protect your valuables, indoors or outdoors. Choose from polycarbonate or fiberglass, in a variety of sizes. · Non-metallic · Variety of sizes · Lockable · Wireless friendly · Customize interior with heater, A/C, swing panels & more! · Optional window · Pole or flush mount Learn more at or call 800-888-4784 fiberglass polycarbonate 2019 Rely on STI ® Type 4X and wireless friendly ...for enclosures that are Request information: 2017 were businesses with less than 1,000 employees. Accenture reports that it takes companies an average of 50 days to recover from a malware attack. Costs can end up in the mil- lions – not including loss of reputation and diminished goodwill. If you are legally responsible for installing the compromised system, you may share in those costs. Choosing a Vendor When making an argument for cyber- security, be sure the solution you offer is truly built for the cloud. Some manufacturers have dressed up older products to simulate the experience of using a cloud solution in response to growing customer demand for at least some level of external connectivity. If it is necessary to open any inbound ports to manage the system from outside the building or facility, it is not a true cloud solution. e same is true if the system uses a "remote desktop"-style connection to the sys- tem's legacy management interface. It may be obvious, but be sure to thoroughly vet cloud solution man- ufacturers before recommending their product. Manufacturers must have proven track records, have the resources to do the job properly, and possess the stamina to be in business for years to come. Unlike a standalone solution, if these manufacturers van- ish, so do their systems. ■ » Josh Perry is CTO for ProdataKey, a provider of cloud-based access control products and services. Request more info about the company at www.securityinfowatch. com/12407119.

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