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MAR 2019

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March 2019 / / Security Business 87 Oncam Booth #34103 The ExD Explosive Environment cameras from Oncam are 360-degree single-sensor cameras available in both 5MP and 12MP models with an explosion-protected housing designed to safeguard environments in oil and gas production and refineries and other hazardous materials facilities. Request information: Optex Booth #22075 The Optex WX Infinity series comprises two wired and two wireless models available either as the standard or anti- masking version for out- door intruder detection applications. A wide, 180-degree detec- tion area is ideal for protecting larger residential grounds. Request information: Orion Entrance Control Booth #5065 The DoorGuard system from Orion Entrance Control uses LiDAR (light detection and ranging) technology in the form of an S3 sensor devel- oped by Quanergy. The unit is mounted above a door and integrates with an access system and Orion's proprietary Infinity software. Request information: Panasonic Booth #10037 Panasonic's FacePRO is a deep learning facial recogni- tion system that features "iA (intelligent Auto) mode," which automatically adjusts settings for the camera to shoot optimal images best suited for facial recognition. The system can be expanded to register up to 30,000 faces. Request information: Pivot3 Booth #31079 Designed to support video surveillance and security deployments of 500TB or more, Pivot3's Large-Scale Surveillance Infrastruc- ture Solution can deliver more than 6PB of storage in a single rack while supporting more than 15,000 cameras (750 per node), reducing footprint, power and cooling requirements. Request information: Potter Electric Signal Co. Booth #7065 The PotterNet Fire and Facility Super- vising Station is a desktop applica- tion that facilitates the networking, monitoring and control of IPA, AFC/ ARC and PFC-4064 fire alarm control panels. It communicates via distrib- uted client-server model to reduce or eliminate single points of failure. Request information: Princeton Identity Booth #7079 Princeton Identity's new IOM Access200W iris recognition reader is an environmen- tally sealed and impact-resistant model designed for outdoor use, enabling end- users to unlock exterior building doors without access cards. The unit features a PIN pad and integrates with external card readers. Request information: Quantum Booth Booth #22137 Quantum's VS-Series video recording server technology can con- verge a VMS application and other building systems onto a single box, enabling users to manage and secure an entire building on one device. Scale from tens to tens of thousands of cameras. Request information: Nortek Security & Control Booth #20015 Nortek Security & Control will show- case the 2GIG eSeries, which includes two all-new GC2e and GC3e panels and a unique encrypted sensor fea- ture. The new GC2e panel includes a larger 5-inch touchscreen, while the GC3e features an updated, easier to use interface. Request information: Omnitron Systems Booth #24130 The new OmniConverter PoE Extenders from Omnitron Sys- tems enable the delivery of Ethernet data and PoE over standard twisted pair cabling beyond 100 meters. They can be daisy-chained to deliver 10/100/1000 data and power at up to 400 meters to multiple PoE-powered devices. Request information:

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