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APR 2019

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April 2019 / / Security Business 61 the employees – who make decisions related to company events and charity work performed in Omaha and the surrounding areas, as well as contribute to company-wide issues. “Anything that impacts their lives day-to-day in the organization, they have a say in,” Bumgardner explains, pointing out that Prime Communications restructured its employee vacation policy due to the culture committee’s recommendations. Engaging employees in decisions has led to happier employees, which, in turn, has made recruiting much easier, thanks to employees starting to spread the word about the type of workplace Prime Communications is. “People come to us and say ‘I heard of you and how good it is here,’” Bumgardner confirms. While improving the culture of the company as a whole has proven to be a very positive step in Prime Communications’ hiring efforts, Bumgardner admits that it remains a challenge for the company and the industry as a whole. “We need to get young people to want to come into this industry,” he says. “We have to communicate how sophisticated systems are and get young people to understand how tech-driven the industry is. We must let them know about the opportunities for growth.” The Future Every successful company and industry should be focused on the future as much as – or even more than – the present. With today’s competitive markets, this has never been more true; and change in the security industry is happening at rapid pace. With information readily available, customers have become more intelligent, and expectations have risen. Beyond staying ahead of the always-changing technology curve, a company cannot flourish if it is not continually evolving to solve client issues in new ways every day. “We try to stay ahead of curve regarding services we provide, as they are much more sophisticated from an IT perspective,” Bumgardner says. “We identify areas where we can provide value above and beyond just the deployment of systems. ■ » Larry Bernstein is a freelance writer based in New Jersey. Learn more at The Widest Selection of Products Is Just The Beginning! ACTIVATION REQUEST TO EXIT DETECTORS WIRELESS ACTIVATION KEYPADS PUSH/EXIT SWITCHES KEY SWITCHES PUSH PLATE SWITCHES & POSTS CONTROL DOOR CONTROL RELAYS TIMERS/SEQUENCERS ACCESS CONTROL SYSTEMS TELEPHONE ENTRY SYSTEMS RESTROOM CONTROL SYSTEMS LOCKING MAGNETIC LOCKS ELECTRIC STRIKES Request a FREE 2019 Product Catalog Today! Camden Door Controls Opening New Doors to Innovation, Quality and Support! Call: 1.877.226.3369 / 905.366.3377 Visit: Request information:

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