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22 Security Business / / May 2019 ISC WEST RECAP | SECURITY WATCH BY STEVE SURFARO Tech Notes from the Show Floor Technology expert Steve Surfaro outlines his finds as he prowled the aisles of the Sands Convention Center As I walked the floor at ISC West, I could feel the excitement of new product introductions. Here are a few companies I had the chance to visit with at this year’s show: Athena Security Athena’s cloud-based AI solution is a “very reasonable” $100 per camera, per month on a range of camera brands. Object recognition of firearms, slip-and-falls and incidents as sophisticated as child abduction are possible and were demonstrated via footage. Mobile alerts may be shared with school safety officers and law enforcement agencies via an app or through mobile web access. Verkada Verkada’s “plug ‘n play” technology promises the simplification of video solutions by installing the entire video management system on camera-embedded, protected, solid-state hardware with a ten-year warranty. With 120 days of storage at high resolution and real-time frame rate, and with no passwords or IP address to hack, the cameras are invisible to unauthorized users. The simple interface allows single or a grid of camera views in real time or forensic recording of a selected region. Viisights Viisights introduced the “next generation” of video analytic software that “understands” what is going on in the frame – behavior and content-wise. The clear labels in the video demonstration illustrated clips of a range of behavior, such as people fighting in a mall, throwing objects, carrying weapons and traffic incidents. Zeroeyes Navy veteran and Philadelphia native Mike Lahiff joined Zeroeyes in 2018 with a vision and energy to fulfill the mission of advanced, AI-based recognition of weaponry in schools and public places. Zeroeyes provides real-time display of site maps, camera assets, perimeter intruders bearing weapons, close-up views of the weapon itself and reversed visual spectra of active assailants. SafeKard SafeKard leverages LoRaWAN – Low Power, Wide Area (LPWA) networking protocol – in an ultra-thin ID Card Sleeve that transmits a personal alarm when an inconspicuous side button is depressed. The location and ID of the person who “called for help” is transmitted to an emergency operations center and may be configured to trigger mass notification systems. Camcloud As with Verkada, Camcloud improves the provisioning of cloud-connected cameras. The main difference lies in deep support of multiple camera manufacturers – including the Hanwha 360-degree camera’s individual quadrant dewarping, real-time object detection and event timeline. Reconasense Reconasense demonstrated multiple sensors revealing an event’s story on detailed location overlay maps. One of the sensors was EAGL’s latest generation of energy-based gunshot detection sensors. Shadowtrack 24/7 Shadowtrack showcased GPS asset and fleet trackers attachable to mobile and fixed assets. These devices are integrated into a tracking platform, giving users a single view of their supply chain. Siklu Siklu’s latest product is a millimeter wave line-of-sight transceiver with throughput rivaling multi-mode fiber optic cable in a package about the size of three stacked smartphones. The compact PoE transceiver can be used to power outdoor IP cameras, simplifying traffic monitoring in a smart city use case. ■ » Steve Surfaro is Chairman of the Public Safety Working Group for the Security Industry Association (SIA) and has more than 30 years of security industry experience. Follow him on Twitter, @stevesurf. Photos: Steve Surfaro Zeroeyes uses AI to detect weapons in school environments. Verkada is embedding a VMS into the cameras themselves. Camcloud improves provisioning of cloud-connected cameras.

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