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MAY 2019

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46 Security Business / / May 2019 Marketing © Istock 7 Ways to Create a Brand Tips and tricks to creating a lasting identity for your security business By William J. Lynott Think of one of your favorite name brands – whether they are professional security vendors you choose to partner with in business or favorite products for your personal use, chances are you chose them because of your comfort level with them. You have a mental image of those products and the companies behind them. That is what brand identity is all about. A brand is more than a logo on a business card or the sign in front of a store – it is the promise that a business makes to its prospects and customers. It identifies the ways in which its products and services differentiate it from its competitors. Simply put, a brand is the image that a business projects in the hope of developing customer loyalty. Major companies go to great lengths to build and protect a unique brand image, because they know the marketing power of a positive brand identity, especially in a difficult economy. However, building a brand identity is not just for the biggest players – even small security businesses can enjoy the extraordinary marketing power of a strong business image. Your brand can be a powerful marketing tool, or it can be a drag on your sales and profits – or anything in between. That’s why you must take control of your brand identity. When you develop a strong and positive brand image, your prospects and customers will develop an emotional attachment to your security business, and thus, become loyal customers. 7 Tips to Creating a Brand Identity Luckily, it is not necessary to create a brand image that will be recognized the world over – you only need to focus on dominating your little piece of the marketing world. Here are seven ways to do it: 1.Separate yourself from your competitors. One of the most important steps in creating a strong brand identity is determining what makes your business unique. Begin by analyzing your major competitors – look for their strong selling points and ways that you can differentiate your business from the others. The next step is evaluating your strengths and combining them to form a unique identity – a marketable image for you and your business. Perhaps you have been in business longer than your competitors, or maybe your long experience has enabled you to feature unique or more reassuring forms of security services than the competition. Perhaps you have a knowledgeable sales team that takes pride in their ability to help customers find the service plan best suited for them. Perhaps your technicians project a warm, professional demeanor. Whatever those marketable strengths, write them down, study them and determine how to combine them to separate yourself from competitors. Once you have sold yourself and your employees on why you are the best choice for customers the focus turns to ways to promote this image to customers and prospects. 2. Commit to customer satisfaction. Security service is a people business – you sell your services to people, not to objects. All of the Harvard Business School expertise in the world is no substitute for an understanding of that basic business principle. The most effective – and least expensive – branding technique for any business is an uncompromising commitment to customer satisfaction. Making certain that every one of your customers has positive feelings about you and the effectiveness of your service will turn those customers into walking advertisements. 3. Employ strong visual elements. A major part of brand image is visual recognition. Science long ago recognized that we

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