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MAY 2019

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May 2019 / / Security Business 47 humans remember what we see far longer than what we read or hear. A basic visual image for your business calls for an aesthetically pleasing logo. The logo in itself is not your brand, but it serves as the anchor for that all-important visceral image that is part of every successful brand identity. To embed your brand identity in your market area, you must use it consistently in every image you project to your market. Make sure that all of your visual elements are unique to your business and that they will not be confused with those of a competitor. 4. Harness emotion. Successful brand images have a significant emotional content. It is critically important to make solid use of the purely emotional in developing reasons why prospects should look to your company when they need security services; however, it is also essential to remember the power of the heart and mind in shopping decisions – especially for customers shopping for safety and reassurance of the safety of their families or businesses. Scientists say emotion is more powerful in the brain than the rational; thus, it is important to influence as many positive emotions as possible at every step. 5. Use the power of repetition. Marketing experts say it takes six or more “impressions” for potential customers to remember and connect with a business – which is why annoying TV ads are repeated ad infinitum. Consistent and repetitive use of your visual materials will help to build an enduring and powerful brand. Simple efforts, such as passing out business cards or brochures at every possible opportunity, will help to harness the power of repetition. 6. Travel branding roadways. Once you have created a brand image, you must make sure it reaches prospects and customers. The available branding roadways are almost unlimited, but for a small security business, it is often important to fully utilize the least expensive. Advertisements in local media are fine for those who can afford them, but for businesses on a limited budget, there are many effective alternatives – including regular e-mails to people who have logged on to your web site, occasional postal card mailings, a presence on social media such as Facebook, and asking satisfied customers to spread the word. 7. Live up to your image. Once you create and support your brand identity, it will help develop new customers 24/7 – but only if you live up to the promise you have created. The time and effort invested in branding a business will be for naught unless management and employees remember that branding is about meeting expectations, not just creating them. If you fail to meet the expectations created by a brand identity, your customers will not come back or offer referrals. ■ » William J. Lynott is a veteran freelance writer who specializes in business management as well as personal and business finance. For more information, visit It's All in the Details Offering you expertise and exceptional service every step of the way. Our capabilities are numerous and we are keen on providing you with not only quality products, but expert support and advice as well. Our trained sales associates, vast inventory, strategic shipping locations ensure that we are your best source for security door hardware. Request information:

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