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B14 BIG BOOK SPRING 2019 | Endeavor Business Media PERIMETER SECURITY & INTRUSION DETECTION Discovery Center from B.I.G. Enterprises Safeguards Sensitive Facilities Custom designed to help protect our nation’s top secret facilities, the Discovery Center from B.I.G. Enterprises is another in a series of specialized, prefabricated guard booths requested by a major classified government facilities developer. It boasts superior fit and finish, and accommodates bullet-resistant requirements. Each manufacturing detail is carefully considered prior to shipping to ensure a ‘no hitches’ installation. This 240 square-foot unit is designed to meet stringent safety and security regulations, while maintaining an architecturally welcoming aspect. Factory-built, prepped, and shipped in one piece, the unit meets all DOT shipping width regulations, and allows the on-site addition of granite exterior panels, custom arched roof and overhang. The cost-effective, high-security booth comes equipped with restroom area; a protected electronics closet featuring high-security door with spin-dial lock and electronic hinges; Type 304 stainless-steel radio; weapons storage closet; and custom picture frame-style windows fitted with RF ballistic-laminated glass and polycarbonate. Tough, energy efficient elements throughout include LED recessed interior lighting set within a reinforced acoustical tile ceiling. The HVAC system maintains optimal comfort levels. The booth ships with an extensive electrical system to support monitors, radios, computers, chargers, etc. Conduits and boxes for data, communications, LAN, security cameras, and exterior lighting are thoughtfully positioned. Unique to B.I.G. booths is the prep and painting system, which are completed prior to shipping. Request more information: SU4500 Compact Barrier Optical Turnstile from Alvarado The new SU4500 is Alvarado’s most compact barrier optical turnstile. Designed for high-end facilities where space is at a premium, the SU4500 has a compact, 38-inch cabinet length but doesn’t compromise on security, throughput performance or looks. Liberal use of crystal-clear materials provide a modern look that accentuates installation areas, and an optional lighting package enables users to illuminate the side panels (and the top and end lights, if desired) in any RGB color and create unique transition effects. Access Control & Fire Systems Integration: The SU4500 easily integrates with any access control or visitor management system and accommodates a wide array of credential readers and emerging technologies, such as biometrics and elevator dispatch displays. Dedicated inputs for fire or life safety systems are provided and outputs are available to turn on cameras, lock interior doors and provide remote notification of alarm events. IP Enabled Technology: The SU4500 is an IP-enabled device. Core turnstile settings are adjusted in the field using an included browser-based application. Using a PC, tablet or smartphone, configurable features – such as audio sounds, motor settings, detection settings, tailgate settings, and alarm timer settings – are set and changed over a TCP/IP network. Typical Installation Sites: Corporate lobbies, elevator banks, government facilities, campus recreation centers. Request more information: SPECTRE Vehicle Identification System from STid STid introduces SPECTRE, the first of a new generation of long-range ultra-high-frequency (UHF) readers enabling fast vehicle identification at the gate with the highest security levels. The most important reasons to embrace Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI) solutions are the convenience, traffic fluidity and the security they bring. Vehicle access control based on traditional proximity, remote control or barcode often results in people leaning uncomfortably out of their windows towards the reader to show their access credentials. Combining high security levels based on the latest industry standards and modularity making it adaptable to any field scenario, SPECTRE is the solution for all AVI applications. Based on EPC1 Gen 2 standard and UHF passive technologies, SPECTRE rewrites traditional security rules, making them more instinctive. The long-range reader offers reading distances up to 43ft / 13m with reliability for smooth vehicle access. Its outstanding performance makes SPECTRE the fastest reader on the AVI market. Fully scalable and modular, SPECTRE enables users to cover security issues and configurations, even in highly challenging environments. The reader is built to manage up to four driveways handling access of a mixed fleet of vehicles (light, heavy and motorcycles), identification on wide lanes, or even distinct access control for four vehicle lanes. Request more information: Sentinel High-Security Sensors from HSI – The Most Advanced Technology on the Market HSI Sensing’s Sentinel sensors are the most advanced high-security entry point sensors listed to UL 634 Level 2. Sentinel is more than 50 percent smaller than comparable sensors while offering adaptive digital processing. At the core of Sentinel, multiple Hall sensors detect the actuator’s magnetic field in the X Y and Z axis. The technology makes Sentinel ideal for monitoring highly sensitive areas, from bank safes to doors in government facilities. Sentinel’s advantages include: Reduced nuisance alarms and false alarms caused by shock and vibrations. Easier installation detecting/sending unique output for improper air gap and misalignment. Drop-in replacement to simplify upgrading outdated technology. Can be mounted in multiple orientations and positions. Resistant to resistant to physical, electrical and magnetic tampering. Works on both metal and wood entry points. Sentinel is ready out-of-the-box to deliver reliable entry point monitoring in high-security areas. Each Sentinel sensor comes with the sensor, actuator and mounting hardware. For more information or to order, call (405) 224-4046 or email Request more information:

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