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MAY 2019

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Orion Entrance Control’s DoorGuard The DoorGuard system from Orion Entrance Control uses LIDAR (light detection and ranging) technology in the form of an S3 sensor developed by Quanergy. The unit is mounted above a door and integrates to an access system and Orion’s proprietary Infinity software. The product's LIDAR smart sensing technology generates a half million data points per second with signal processors that calculate the Time-of-Flight (TOF) of each light pulse. It can detect people trying to enter a building by following someone very closely (tailgating) and can set off warnings if a door is open for too long or has been propped open. Request more information: Magos SR250 Perimeter Radar The SR250 perimeter radar from Magos uses Multiple Input and Multiple Output (MIMO) and digital beam forming technologies to cover an area of more than 15 acres and detects targets at up to 250 meters. With a range in azimuth of 120-degrees and an elevation of 30-degrees, the radar provides coverage in all weather and lighting conditions, creating a cost-efficient solution that delivers military grade performance. The unit consumes less than three watts of power and boasts a small size, making it ideal for both static and mobile deployments. When integrated into existing video surveillance solutions, it cues PTZ cameras to the location of an intruder. Request more information: ELK 319 Series Supervised One-Way Wireless ELK’s new economical line of wireless sensors are designed for use with compatible 319.5MHz wireless receivers. These sensors provide superior performance and wireless range. Each sensor is also designed to maximize battery life and utilize commonly found batteries. This new line of ELK one-way sensors is a very economical option for any manufacturer’s controls utilizing a 319.5 MHz wireless receiver that adheres to the Interlogix™ protocol. It also provides flexibility when choosing wireless sensors for M1 controls as customers are not limited to ELK’s premium, two-way, encrypted wireless. Request more Information: SureClose® is a Gate Hinge & Closer, in One Small Powerful Package! Prevent callbacks before they happen! 1. Vertical alignment slots 2. Quick-fit alignment legs: For ease of installation, alignment and double face-fixing strength. 3. NEW Superior corrosion resistance: • Steel Weld-on models feature hi-performance proprietary non-electrolytic zinc flake coating, no need to grind off before welding • Aluminum Screw-on models contain a 50-micron thick hard anodizing coating 4. Multiple mounting options: • Mounting brackets included • Aluminum screw-on • Steel weld-on or screw-on • Fasteners included 5. NEW Stainless steel security Torx screws that prevent tampering. 6. Adjustability • Adjustable self-closing speed and force • Adjustable final snap-close action • Horizontal and vertical adjustment 7. Powerful, hidden hydraulics... that don't leak! Hydraulics are concealed within the hinge providing a controlled, quiet close in a tamper-resistant, compact design. No need to ever add fluid. 8. Dual Bearing Glide System™ Two rows of bearings for consistently superior performance. 2 Year on SureClose® Bearings : : (714) 677-1300 : Copyright © 2019 D&D Technologies Request information:

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