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B 20 BIG BOOK SPRING 2019 | Endeavor Business Media POWER SUPPLIES NU2 Systems SPS-9000: Don’t let Complex Security Integration Blow your Fuses The NU2 Systems SPS-9000 is an innovative quad-output, field-programmable power supply. Four outputs provide 4 AMPS each of either 12VDC or 24VDC power and are protected via auto-recovery Digital Circuit Breakers (DCB). No fuses! Program and troubleshoot via the free SPS-9000 app for mobile/Bluetooth devices or via remote Web browser. On-board display provides countless status parameters. No need to use volt or amp meters! More than 150 field status parameters include: voltages, currents, temperature, and humidity viewed and addressed locally and remotely. Smart battery charge/discharge includes: reverse polarity, battery mismatch, Low Battery Disconnect (LBD) and Selective Load Shedding (SLS). Battery State of Health (SOH) and Endurance Capacity (EC) are calculated and displayed in HH:MM. Also included: Two programmable relays, flexible fire alarm disconnect and on-board OSDP compliant RS-485. The SPS-9000 is connected to the NU2 Universal Interface Board (UIB-848) via RS-485 for control of electrified lock power distribution, monitoring and management. The UIB-848 provides fuse-less power to eight electrified locks. Each lock output is configured for 12V/24V and Fail Safe/Secure. Four dry contact relays (10A) are included as well as eight managed and protected 12V/24V outputs for REX motion. Multiple dual color LEDs aid installer efforts. ELK-965 Low Battery Cutoff and Master Power Switch An extended power outage can wreak havoc on an alarm system. As backup battery voltage drops, the alarm system may begin to operate erratically and a deep discharge can damage the backup battery. Eliminate these issues with the ELK-965 Low Battery Cutoff and Master Power Switch. This compact, easy to install device works with any 12 volt control panel or power supply. The ELK-965 automatically cuts off when battery voltage drops below 10 VDC to prevent a “run-away” system and battery deep discharge. Installers will also value the manual AC and battery on/off switch for simplifying system service and eliminating emergency service calls. The ELK-965 is backed by ELK’s hassle-free LIFETIME warranty. Also available in a money saving 20 pack, the ELK-965B20. Request more information: Helix Armour from LifeSafety Power Helix Armour from LifeSafety Power is designed for seamless failover protection with automatic backup switchover of AC or DC circuitry to reduce the risk of system downtime or outage. The unit monitors separate AC branch circuits, reporting trouble with a primary branch immediately and instantly transferring power to backup for uninterrupted system operations in critical access control or security systems. Redundant and mirrored power supplies also monitor and report DC integrity. In the event of a power system failure, the solution transfers to the secondary power supply without dropouts or voltage spikes. Request more information: BUSINESS MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE WeSuite: Sales Management Software from Contact to Contract WeSuite is the leading sales management software solution purpose built for security integration and service providers. Created by systems integrators, for systems integrators, WeSuite understands the challenges in running sales teams. From teams of two to two-thousand, WeSuite’s comprehensive sales management software takes you from contact to contract. WeOpportunity and its WeSuite Go! app enable customized prospecting, lead recording, distribution, account management and detailed pipeline reporting. WeEstimate and its Add-On Modules enable simple to complex flexible system and service estimating, automated approvals, generation of proposals, contracts and e-sign services. Sales mobility is here with the Site Survey and QuoteAnywhere G2.0! Put the power of WeSuite into your sales process. Bridge the sales to operations gap with confidence, accuracy, higher margins and workflow automation. Alarm Billing Services from Cornerstone Cornerstone Billing Solutions brings all the key elements of running an alarm and security business into a single software application hosted in a safe 24/7 cloud system. Plugging into this system, combined with a suite of time-saving billing services, greatly simplifies the process of managing alarm billing subscribers and profitably building a security business. The software helps staff manage a customer’s full life cycle and automate many of their daily tasks. Request more information: TrackTik Security Workforce Management Platform TrackTik is an innovative security workforce management platform that integrates on-site, mobile and back-office functions. The powerful, web-based software enables security firms to connect field personnel to management, and subsequently view, analyze and control their entire security operations in one place. Using cutting-edge technology, the software collects a wealth of historical and real-time data to feed into business intelligence modules and help security firms make proactive security business decisions. Request more information:

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