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JUN 2019

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June 2019 / / Security Business 47 What is your opinion on large tech companies who advocate for a federal data privacy law? When tech giants like Apple advocate for strict federal privacy laws, it spreads awareness and encourages companies to speak up and take action in the fight to secure consumer data. The overwhelming support rallied by large tech companies in favor of more privacy laws signifies there is a real and growing concern for privacy among consumers. Why is the impact of stricter data privacy regulations on small businesses disproportionately large in comparison to enterprises? Small businesses will feel the impact of data privacy regulations like CCPA the most, simply because enterprise tech companies have the advantages of bigger budgets, better legal teams and more access to security talent. Small businesses may have a difficult time assembling the budget and resources needed for compliance as quickly as an enterprise, which affects a company’s ability to drive revenue or remain competitive in the market. If something happens to a small business’s data, it could put them out of business; an enterprise company, on the other hand, will typically be able to bounce back more quickly and easily. What do small businesses need to know about complying with data privacy legislation? Small businesses should take the time to review data privacy policies to have a strong understanding of what personal information is collected and processed. Even if a small business is exempt from privacy regulations, it should still prepare to secure its users’ data and privacy, as it may need to meet those qualifications in the future. How can small businesses balance the benefits of collecting consumer data with ensuring consumer privacy and security? Consumer data allows a business to deliver a more unique, personalized experience, and really cater to customers and their needs. Data also provides valuable insights that can help business owners make better, more informed decisions about their businesses. However, small businesses are also ultimately responsible for ensuring the privacy and security of customer data in order to ensure they do not operate out of compliance and risk losing customer trust. ■ ARCULES Integrated Video Surveillance Request information:

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