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JUN 2019

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48 Security Business / / June 2019 Your Business Is Your Security Business Ready for the Cloud? While integrators have become accustomed to offering cloud-based services to customers, the same technology can be a major benefit to their own company By Glenn Nott ©Istock For security integrators, there is no doubt that Software as a Service is changing business; in fact, using the cloud to enable access to data and to operate software applications from multiple devices over a shared network is becoming a pillar of successful integration businesses. While integrators have come to realize the impact of the cloud on their customers, they are also seeing the potential impact of SaaS on their own business operations – as cloud software is fast becoming a viable alternative to traditional ways of tracking field services. The volume of businesses switching to cloud-based software is indicative of a revolution of sorts, with the days of running multiple systems to handle business tasks like scheduling, invoicing and service management disappearing. Amid this flurry and excitement, the true value of the SaaS concept can be lost on those who are unfamiliar with this new resource for various field service sectors. Frank Bauer II, CEO of Proguard Protection Services of Aspen, Colo., can attest to the power that cloud-based software can place in the hands of security owners and operators. “In the year since implementing cloud software, we have grown roughly 14 percent in sales, 6 percent in account base, and more than 10 percent in overall profit margins,” he says, adding that the company has also expanded its number of employees. “The things that I got from the program were things that I didn’t even realize we needed until they were implemented.” Here are some of the benefits and concerns that are often brought up when discussing the use of cloud-based software in security businesses: Efficiency and Connectivity Cloud-based software brings efficiency for businesses in the job management sector by solidifying connectivity between a business and its employees with smartphone applications and scheduling, invoicing or estimating tools. The software fosters workflows that are smooth-running and make the most optimal use of time. Security technicians with busy schedules – who spend more time out in the field completing jobs than in the corporate office – can use cloud software to instantly keep up-to-date with clients and co-workers. It eliminates worry about where information is stored and how long it would take to reach it, because information stored on a cloud system can be accessed anywhere with an internet connection. Centralized data that is accessible via any internet-enabled device is one of the greatest gifts to contracting businesses. Such connectivity can greatly improve efficiency, as field reps have everything they need for a successful service call immediately available to them – they can access customer service history, check information about key assets, schedule follow-up visits, and much more with a tool that fits in their back pocket. Cloud-computing enables field technicians to complete a majority of their paperwork digitally, meaning that

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