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JUL 2019

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38 Security Business / / July 2019 Cover Story The Energy Market Utilities are another of the most promising markets, alongside building and construction. Energy facility personnel constantly gather data and monitor functionality, including reviewing perimeters, evaluating spills or hazardous leaks, identifying potential threats and responding quickly if an emergency occurs. They also must inspect oil and gas pipelines and oil rigs and refineries, power lines and renewable energy assets. UAVs can lower operating costs and reduce risk. A drone’s ability to fly pre-saved missions via modern fully automated ground stations allows for time-lapse photos of perimeters and large spaces. Using the UAV, a company offering drone services can take HD photos, HD video or IR video to identify heat signatures or problems. They can also be used for training, perimeter management and surveillance operations. Nuclear tank inspections are critical, and both outdoor and indoor drones are becoming a critical tool for those inspections. Gas leak detection is another continuing goal; in fact, Pacific Gas and Electric Co. (PG&E) recently partnered with NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) to adapt a methane sniffer developed for the Mars rover for gas pipeline leak detection work. The sniffers enable UAVs to fly missions over pipelines to inspect for leaks – all at a maximum flight speed of 60 mph. All types of pipelines in power and utilities, including gas, coal, power, chemical and refineries, are in constant repair, and a drone system can dramatically reduce the manpower needed to monitor and maintain pipelines by enabling operators to cover vast expanses of pipelines and transmission lines in a fraction of the time using HD photos and HD video. More Target Markets Here’s a look at other potential customers who could benefit from drone-based services provided by a security integrator: Corrections: Prisons must review perimeters, evaluate all aspects of the prison population, identify potential threats, perform crowd control and respond quickly if an incident occurs. Drones offer prison personnel the ability to quickly assess perimeters and take HD photos or IR video to identify heat signatures of inmates during a crisis – all from a distance. Events: From concerts to patrolling above Houston’s Super Bowl LIVE event several years ago, UAVs have been life-saving devices that are critical to the first responder. To service this vertical market, be sure your business is FAA-certified, insured, has a valid Remote Pilot’s License, and is able to operate in Class D air space, also with a night operation waiver. Critical Infrastructure: Many state transportation agencies are continuously introducing RFPs using drones to perform limited visual inspection tasks on numerous bridges. The testing process will gauge the ability of the UAV to provide access to, as well as to photograph areas of the bridges that are typically difficult to reach via traditional means, such as ropes and climbers. Upon completion of test inspection activities, an analysis of the detailed information results are performed that typically dwarf previous conventional inspections. Site Mapping: Drones capture accurate HD photos and HD videos at altitudes and over large expanses using LiDAR and video. What used to take weeks is now performed in hours (See the “Internal Uses” section for more on site mapping). Remote areas: Managing large areas of remote and isolated land is a critical service as can benefit many verticals, such as remote utility substations, and even national parks, where drones enable personnel to assess wildlife, perform conservation monitoring, as monitor for heat signatures of lost individuals or poachers. Maritime: UAVs enable pilots to cover a large view of a ship, including the hard-to-view areas over the sides of a large super tanker. This is especially timely with recent attacks Leak detection for refineries and gas pipelines are an emerging use case. Photo: Nightingale Security

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