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JUL 2019

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July 2019 / / Security Business 41 fire alarm system – with only two audible-visual appliances – would you get you nothing more than a rejection letter and tons of grief from the owner. This building has at least four rooms inside of other rooms! Suddenly, the fire chief thinks it is OK to omit ADA-required strobes from all the restrooms as well as patient exam rooms and the waiting room? This is just another case where the local code official is trying to spend the customer’s money, and doing a bad job of it. This frustration reminded me of how I felt more than 25 years ago, before the industry decided that the training of fire alarm system inspectors, designers and installers would be what was most needed in order to do the most good, with the goal of code-compliant fire alarm installations and increased civilian life safety. There has been a huge improvement in the level of quality and concern shown by the overwhelming majority of alarm companies that protect people’s lives and property. When was the last time you heard any complaints about trunk-slammers? Today, I work in a state where there is a requirement to be licensed as a fire alarm installer, to work only for a licensed fire alarm company, and to sell commercial fire alarm systems with plans submitted by a fire alarm designer who is licensed to do so; however, when Captain Joe, excuse me, Captain Joe E.M.T., gets involved (see my March 2019 column at – it is the same guy) he is setting conditions for the return of trunk-slammers in his jurisdiction – untrained installers who will get friendly with the chief and provide buildings with less than the minimum safety equipment, because their friendly chief thinks that it is OK. They will be oblivious to the fact that they alone will carry all the liability if/when that chief retires and those ill-designed systems fail to operate properly and someone gets hurt, or worse, dies. ■ » Greg Kessinger has been the fire alarm and codes expert and a regular contributor to Security Business magazine for more than 15 years. Please email him your fire & life safety questions for potential inclusion in this column at Find out how to get a FREE Test Meter It's portable, easy to use, with many useful functions. You will save installation time, reduce errors, improve quality, and increase client satisfaction. Features: ⊲ 7 inch LCD touch screen 1920 x 1200 ⊲ Supports up to 12MP IP cameras ⊲ ONVIF IP camera test ⊲ Test H.265/H.264/MPEG4/MJPEG IP cameras ⊲ Built in Wi-Fi can receive images from wireless IP cameras ⊲ Simultaneous IP and analog camera testing ⊲ RJ45 Cable TDR test ⊲ WiFi access point ⊲ HDMI input and output ⊲ 7.4VDC-5000mAH Lithium Ion battery ⊲ Supports more than 30 protocols ⊲ PoE voltage test ⊲ Audio input and output test ⊲ DC12V 2A output to power cameras ⊲ PoE at/af power output, supplies temporary power for PoE cameras ⊲ Snapshot and save camera images and videos files in built-in SD card ⊲ UTP cable test displays continuity and configuration | Call today 800-460-1801 Mention Offer Code: Promo Meter-SB Request information:

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