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JUL 2019

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S6 ACCESS CONTROL Trends And Technology | JULY/AUGUST 2019 Who Says Nothing's New? By Steve Lasky In a world dizzy with fast-changing security technology; a place that exudes digital muscle and data-driven analytics, is cutting-edge access control even a thing? You best believe it is. While access control systems have seem staid and conventional the last decade or so compared to flashy video surveillance device innovation and systems powered by analytics and Artificial Intelligence, make no mistake, physical access control technology is in its renaissance. In the annual Access Control Trends & Technology supplement for 2019, the diversity and forward-thinking innovations that are revolutionizing the face of physical access control are presented by those driving that change. The IT-centric systems that have given rise to the wonderous development of IoT on such a massive scale are now dominant in an industry that once viewed bar codes as cutting edge. Kellen Duke, the Head of Deployments and Security for Proxy, says that moving from physical key cards to electronic key cards is causing a radical shift in the economics of access control. Vendors charging customers per-credential pricing made some sense when credentials were tied to a physical key card. Now that user credentials are 100% software it’s possible to create thousands or millions of credentials in seconds and pricing models for access control need to adapt. He adds that customers should be wary of paying for smartphone-based credentials and increasingly should favor pricing models that give them unlimited, free credentials so they can provide access to all their employees, contractors, and visitors without incurring any additional fees. Angelo Faenza, who is Vice President of Campus Electronic Access Control Solutions for ASSA ABLOY Door Security Solutions writes that as EAC solutions have grown in sophistication, the campus locksmith is no longer the sole gatekeeper for installing and upgrading door locks. Today, access control affects IT departments, facilities managers, campus police, sustainability directors and more. Thanks to advanced technologies, EAC systems can address the needs of these multiple stakeholders and provide a cohesive approach to managing the broad spectrum of projects and components that fall under their purview. These are just two of the many insights you will be able to read in this special supplement. From cloud-based solutions to emerging biometrics and wireless devices, physical access control is not your father’s Wiegand anymore. ■ TownSteel, Inc. Multi-Family Locks e-Genius Smart Interconnect Lock Series e-Elite Cylindrical Electronic Lock Series e-Smart Deadbolt Series Request information:

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