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JUL 2019

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S28 ACCESS CONTROL Trends And Technology | JULY/AUGUST 2019 Strategies in Wire-free Access Control and Unique Functionalities Access control solutions have also moved to the cloud which has brought added convenience and reduced infrastructure cost. Image Courtesy of Many companies can leverage an access control system to optimize their business, improve operations and save money. By Steve Burk Manufacturers across the security marketplace have made great progress over the last couple of decades incorporating increasingly innovative IP technology into electronic locks and access control management systems. This has resulted in solutions that are easier to use, more scalable, more affordable, and extend beyond physical security to improve overall operations. Trending in Access Control: Mobile & Cloud Solutions The use of mobile phones has steadily increased and it’s not just Millennials relying on mobile technology. As the smartphone has gained popularity, so have mobile access control applications. In fact, it’s essential for any access control manufacturer to offer either a mobile key application, an integration that serves the same purpose – or both. Mobile keys have gained popularity in a variety of verticals, especially hospitality, education, coworking, and multifamily housing. Mobile keys are popular because users can quickly be added or deleted and are more secure than mechanical keys because a mobile key cannot be duplicated. As part of an overall electronic locking solution, mobile keys can eliminate the hassle and enormous costs associated with mechanical key loss and replacement. End users want the power to use their smartphone to bypass the front desk when checking into a hotel room or to come and go at work or an apartment building. It only makes sense to incorporate a device that an end user relies on throughout the day into any physical security solution they would use at work or home. Access control solutions have also moved to the cloud which has brought added convenience and reduced infrastructure cost. Cloud access control solutions can be implemented with no software installation or the added expense of a fully wired electronic product. In some solutions, all that is needed is an online device with an internet connection. Cloud access

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