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JUL 2019

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S34 ACCESS CONTROL Trends And Technology | JULY/AUGUST 2019 their control panels or access control software. That’s a deal breaker for many organizations due to the significant investments they have in these technologies, along with workflows they have built on top of them and integrations between these technologies and other systems. For example, controllers often interface with other building systems beyond electronic locks. To make full use of smartphone access and its possibilities for smart building use cases, the technology must be able to integrate to other systems in an intelligent API-driven way. With a set of open and documented APIs, a customer or integrator can build any integration they want to other systems, whether other access technologies, conference room software, visitor management, emergency response software, or anything else the customer can imagine. Open APIs also ensure that the technology does not lock you into a proprietary ecosystem and is future proof for use cases or technology integrations you may not be able to foresee today. Lastly, moving from physical key cards to electronic key cards is causing a radical shift in the economics of access control. Vendors charging customers per-credential pricing made some sense when credentials were tied to a physical key card. Now that user credentials are 100% software it’s possible to create thousands or millions of credentials in seconds and pricing models for access control need to adapt. What that means is that customers should be wary of paying for smartphone-based credentials and increasingly should favor pricing models that give them unlimited, free credentials so they can provide access to all their employees, contractors, and visitors without incurring any additional fees. ■ About the author: Kellen Duke is the Head of Deployments and Security with Proxy. Before Proxy, Kellen worked on the Global Security teams for both Uber and WeWork. Prior to his work in the private sector, Kellen managed security programs for Sandia National Laboratories and United States Investigative Services. Kellen is a certified Crisis Negotiator and CPR/First Aid instructor and has a degree from Saginaw Valley State University. THE NEW WIRELESS SUPERPOWER NO BATTERY HAZARDOUS WASTE NO BATTERY MAINTENANCE! WIRELESS SIGNAL POWERED BY SIMPLY PUSHING THE SWITCH! CAMDEN PUSH PLATE SWITCHES NOW WITH BUILT-IN KINETIC™ 'NO BATTERY' WIRELESS TRANSMITTERS!! CALL FOR A FREE PRODUCT SAMPLE TODAY! (Limited offer, contact Camden for details) 1.877.226.3369 / 905.366.3377 Request information:

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