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MAR 2014

Find news and information for the executive corporate security director, CSO, facility manager and assets protection manager on issues of policy, products, incidents, risk management, threat assessments and preparedness.

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30 | SD&I | March 2014 Daytona Broadband LLC, No. 42 "Offer affordable support programs to all customers and provide one PM visit quar- terly to keep in touch with custom- ers," says owner Ron Poulin. "Get seriously into IP systems — as the prices continue to drop, IP camera systems are the future, as analog is quickly fading out." Select Security, No. 44 "With all of the competition, and more big players entering each day, you need to fgure out what makes you different and focus on that," says Marketing Manager Joseph Mitton. "With the buy-anything-at-anytime attitude that the Internet has fostered, you really need to identify why your customers chose to do business with you and incorporate that message into your company." Sentinel Security Solutions Inc., No. 47 "Keep your cus- tomers engaged through interactive prod- ucts so they are constantly reminded of how much they need and use their sys- tems," says President & Founder Justin Sherbon. "Stay on the forefront of the newest cutting edge technology so you are not left behind." Universal Protection Security Systems, No. 50 "Recognize that with change and evolution in our industry are oppor- tunities," says Ty Richmond, President of Security Systems & Technology and National Accounts. "Service and client satisfaction are always key to success but there is no doubt our industry is in a state of major technical change that will create a new landscape of possibilities and players." Best Practices of the Fast50 To what does each Fast50 frm attribute their rapid growth? Here's a look at some of the best practices that got them there: System Development Integration LLC (SDI), No. 15 "SDI attributes our strong growth to our unique blend of physical security and IT exper- tise," says Jeremy Howard, Senior VP of vertical markets. "Our teams are outstand- ing on the security side, but also in the IT aspects — network infrastructure, mobile, managed services and cloud solutions." Sigma Surveillance Inc. dba STS360, No. 16 "Recognize that every single day you must continue to earn the trust a customer has put in you by providing the right solu- tions to meet their needs with a high return on investment and stellar back- end support," explains Jessica Clark, Chief Operating Offcer. HOW THE FAST50 IS CALCULATED The companies ranked in the SD&I Fast50 are recognized and ranked based on percentage growth and revenue growth — with their overall ranking balancing those two considerations using a simple but effective algorithm. If we ranked companies purely on revenue growth, it would tend to favor larger companies — this way, the playing feld is level for all entrants. We also balance the equation by studying three years of fnancial change to ensure that high-growth companies aren't just "fash in the pan" types of businesses, but are able to sustain themselves. It also balances ups and downs. For example, a company on our list could have had negative growth in its frst year but then achieved such strong growth in year two that the average was powerfully in the positive. To enter, companies confdentially report to us their most recent fscal years worth of gross revenues. Using those numbers, we compute the revenue growth and percentage growth for each of their three most recent fscal years. We average the growth numbers to generate an average revenue growth for the company, and we do the same for the company to create an average percentage growth. Ties result simply because of the formula average of the revenue and percentage ranks — it is a product of one being higher for dollar increase and one being higher in percentage increase. Companies may enter as long as one of their key business efforts is the installation of security solutions (e.g., video, intrusion, access control, perimeter detection, biometrics, etc.). It doesn't have to be your sole business effort, but it does need to be a defnitive part of your frm. Business Mix of Fast50 Entrants SDI_22-33,108-109_0314 Fast50 overview.indd 30 3/5/14 1:33 PM

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