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MAR 2014

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78 | SD&I | March 2014 returns. The same software tools that tie into the panel for testing can also be used to stay on top of upcoming inspections, almost automating the process for dealers while offering immediate access to site histories and maps — all stored securely in the cloud. All-in-One Boxes There are many functions that previously were performed as side- car applications to the fire alarm control panel. Voice evacuation is an example, where a separate system tied into the fire alarm panel was the only technological means for broadcasting recorded messages or live pages. These sidecar systems still exist, but combination fire alarm and voice evacuation panels are becoming more common. Manufacturers like Notifier and Silent Knight offer these combination panels, which include mass notification abilities that meet the requirements prescribed by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and the Department of Defense for emergency communica- tion/mass notification systems. These emergency communication systems (ECS) expand the fire alarm system to respond to more than just fire events. Companies like Fire- Lite Alarms have even developed a method for allowing authorized individuals to call into the control panel using a cell phone or landline to send live pages. Unlike their ancestors that com- prised big cabinets, heavily laden with hardware, today's fire alarm control panels are much more soft- ware-based, with new, more pow- erful microprocessors inside small- er enclosures. The capabilities of current software is allowing these sophisticated systems to incorporate more common elements, such as touch screens and remote connec- tivity to data in the cloud. As these software-based systems evolve, the ability to incorporate more function- ality and features into the fire alarm control panel will grow as well. ❚ Jeff Netland is Vice President of Engineering for Honeywell Fire Systems. The shortest distance to capital is straight talk. Take the express to capital. We'll clear the way for opportunity. Our Security Lending Group provides senior secured asset-based and cash flow loans to support growth, buyouts, and recapitalizations of security and national defense companies. Our transaction attributes include senior secured revolving credit facilities and term loans, f exible and competitive advance rates, and hold sizes ranging from $5 million to $50 million. Give us a call. We're just the ticket. Will Schmidt, Managing Director, Security Finance 314.259.4206, For more information, visit ASG Security $300,000,000 Senior Credit Facility Lead Agent & Arranger Sponsor: Parthenon Capital Fire Protection Service Corporation $16,000,000 Senior Credit Facility Agent Eyewitness Surveillance $3,000,000 Senior Revolving Credit Facility FIRE &LIFE SAFETY Touchscreens, common in home alarm systems, are now being deployed in fire panels for easier management. Request information: SDI_76-79_0314 Netland.indd 78 3/5/14 1:44 PM

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